Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Funny headlines...........

these are blurbs from drew curtis' if you havent been there you should go. its funny stuff and he has a knack for this.

Pope-commissioned condom study passes first hurdle: they fit over his hat

Heather Mills McCartney says she'd "rather have all her limbs cut off" than stay married to Sir Paul. Well, one out of four ain't bad

The founding member of the National Hobo Foundation has gone to that great box car in the sky

Only 6 in 10 U.S. babies born in wedlock. The rest born in i-really-like-you-a-whole-lot lock

Bindi Irwin has been getting over father Steve's death just a little too well, psychologist brought in to stop happy thoughts

Paxil activates man's Body Thetans, causing him to embezzle millions. Judge agrees

Men participating in speed dating five percent more likely to meet women for every inch they have on their rivals. In height, you perverts

Bush: "As the Iraqi army stands up, we'll stand down." Generals in charge of training the Iraqi army: "Steven Hawkings has a better chance of standing up than these guys"

as i am too lazy to write something original in this the last post before the blessed holiday of thankgiving i have decided to turn in this little piece of claptrap for you all. its like a best of show or a greatest hits cd. i put in relatively no effort and it still counts as a post. next week i'll have some great shit and i may even have something over the weekend. along with the holiday i have a wedding so i'll be spending some quality time with the in-laws so something funny might happen that just has to be told. if you care to check out the fark site its in my faves list below.

with that in mind i'll tell everyone to enjoy their wednesday. if your like me this is your friday. have a good thanksgiving and remember dont drink and'll spill your drink. pound it down and then get behind the'll thank me later. i think to celebrate the holiday i'm going to steal something from an indian.


Scottsdale Girl said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have added you to my daily reading. :)

ccw said...

I love the Bush one! That's hysterical.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gigglezngrinz said...

Always a brigth spot in my canky days!

Hope you have a fabulous holiday!

curmudgeon said...

Have a good long turkey day weekend shoes!

madflavor said...

funny stuff.. will check you often.