Monday, November 20, 2006


A teenager whose "wicked lies" condemned an innocent man to 10 weeks in prison after falsely claiming she had been raped was locked up for six months today. Katie Davis, 18, had sex with Frank Chisholm at his house after meeting him as he was walking home from a night drinking on 6 March last year. But during a week-long trial at Lewes Crown Court, a jury heard she invented the false rape allegation as she feared she could be pregnant.

ok, look at the picture again. thats right drink it in. she should have been arrested for raping him. how much liquor do you have to drink for her to look pretty? or to even have sex with her? i'm not even sure she was always a woman. feared she could be pregnant? i fear she could be pregnant. please
dont let her add to the gene pool. shes 18? that must have been 18 of the hardest years ever. i cant quit looking at the picture. its hypnotic. her ugliness pulls you in like the tractor beam of the death star.

Courtney Love bares her soul in a new book, and she confirms to ABC News Radio that she'll also bare her body by posing naked in Britain's Pop magazine next month. "This is going to be the next controversy," she told ABC's Dave Alpert, confirming that she had posed for the picture several weeks ago and decided she didn't like the outfits that had been picked out for her. "Just give me some stockings and a pair of high heels and ... that's it," she said she had told the photographer.

i've seen the naked pictures and let me aint pretty. she looks like some used up crack whore they pulled off the street, threw some half assed makeup on her and tossed her in front of a camera. didnt kurt leave you enough money? for god sakes have a kid. think of her. i hope she gets alot of money for this shoot because without cash shes been a bit of a bore lately. why is it always a celeb i really dont care to see naked that is the quickest to lose her clothes.

ivanka trump is posing for every magazine she can these days. if you dont know her its donald trumps daughter. dont get me wrong, shes not bad, shes just not pinup material. if she wasnt the dons daughter then she would be selling these magazines door to door ...not posing in them. shes lisa kudrow with money. she actually kind of looks like donald but with better hair and bigger tits.

short week everyone, make room for turkey.


Gigglezngrinz said...

Hyptnotically ugly, definately. Im with you. No clue what that thing is......

BAC said...

Looks like Rodney Dangerfield in drag.