Monday, November 13, 2006

The ridiculousness continues..........

u.s. bishops for the catholic church are getting together for a meeting in baltimore this week. they are going to tackle hard subjects like: persuading married catholics to reject contraceptives, gay catholics to refrain from sex altogether among other things. suprisingly only 4% of married cathoilics use the churches approved method of birth control. whats suprising is that 4% could be that stupid. i hope educated people in america wont fall for this crap like catholics in third world countries do. this is a recipe for the spread of std's, teen pregnancies and name it. what a stupid thing to push to your flock. the only reason to do this is to make more catholics. the church doesnt mind if you get pregnant (even if you cant take care of a baby). they just send over father o'malley who in his best irish accent tells you "aye laddie, this child will be a blessing upon your home". thats a a crock of shit. a child is hard goddamn work. not to father o'malley mind you (hes just waiting until they are school age...if you catch my drift). how do the raping priests feel about not using birth control? shouldnt the church work to get their priests to abstain altogether before they ask catholics to give up birth control. actually i encourage priests to use birth control at all times. as for gays abstaining from sex because the church says so....screw them. the gay priests arent stopping. the church doesnt recognize gays, wont let them take the sacraments....etc. hell, the church doesnt like gays at all. the church hates gays more than women...and thats saying alot. what the church does like is gays money. dinks....double income , no kids. gays have lots of disposable income to put in the collection basket. gays should tell the cathoilc church to pound off asap. what do we expect from an organization who has a former nazi as its leader, hides pedophiles within their ranks, encourages third world people to have more children....etc. the answer....not much.

finally dateline has had one of the pedophiles they caught kill themselves. i know that i mentioned last week that a station in pittsburgh made a guy kill himself by going after him in an expose'. that guy was a reverand and they caught him going into sex stores. that isnt against the law. dateline gets pedophiles. pedophiles are scum of the earth. i have no problem with them killing themselves. as a matter of fact i am all for them killing themselves. i encourage it. this guy saved the taxpayers tons of dough. i must admit that i am both thrilled and appalledat the
dateline episodes when they catch these guys. i love to watch them and then i realize how many guys like this are out there. if you have kids it scares you senseless to think about these predators.

oh well, now you know what i've been thinking about this weekend. lets hope the week gets better. enjoys your monday everyone.


Blade90 said...

Dateline has done wonderful things by catching the scum of the earth. Weird that a lot of them are foreigners. I hope they continue to catch these guys and/or kill themselves. And, they all claim, I wasn't here to have sex, just talk. Call a 900 number than you loser.

BAC said...

Did I ever tell you I saw someone I knew on one of the early shows from Arlington Va.? He was a contractor I had worked with at the Dept. of Ed. He wasn't there when the show aired and I often wondered what happened to him.

Doggone said...

Hi Shoes,

Like to correct you on something. I am from a third world country (as you & many other westerners like to call it) maybe so, but if you bother to read up, you will realize our culture & people go way back...if you take India, for instance you need to see it to believe it. We are third world today because we were plundered by the west, but I got to admit some good things did happen, for instance Ceylon tea - BRITISH, spices - Portugese, & ME!!! - DUTCH, so I cannot complain...much. If by some luck we find we have oil, I will email your president.


Getting to the subject matter, you said,
"i hope educated people in america won't fall for this crap like catholics in third world countries do."
So sorry to burst your thought bubble, but we in the third world are not dumb & dumber... we do practice bc and most catholics do,
but we don't confess, it is an open secret. LOL

Catch ya later.
I still like your post!)