Thursday, November 30, 2006

Birds of a feather..........

these two guys havent had a great week have they. tracy morgans, from saturday night, was caught drunk driving in nyc. they offered him a $1000 fine, 5 days community service , a dui prgram and no serving time but alas tracy couldnt accept that plea bargain. see tracy was caught driving drunk in los angeles and accepting this plea would mean admitting guilt which would assuredly get him some time in jail in california. poor tracy blew a 1.261 which is considerably above the .8 thats legal in new york. good for you tracy ...i say go big or dont go at all. of all places to get the only thing more plentiful than lowlifes there is cabs. they are everywhere. of course being black at three in the morning probably means they wont stop for you but least try. seeing that he plays a drunk on 30 rock maybe he can say he was just researching his part.
snoop d to the o to the double g is another case alltogether. snoop was nabbed outside the tonight show after performing with dope and a handgun. it probably didnt help that he performed on the show with a large marijuana leaf symbol across his hand. note to self: if i'm going to be carrying dont advertise. Law enforcement officials are saying the search warrant was conducted as part of an ongoing investigation into the Dogg's arrest earlier this month at the Burbank Airport, after he allegedly tried carrying a gun in a carry-on bag onto a plane. being a genius at rhyming doesnt make you a real einstein now does it. foshizzle. maybe he can get a cell with tracy. one can make the other laugh while he makes up rhymes.
i dont know what it is about these guys throwing their lives away but i do laugh while they do it.
get on with your day and remember......your not tracy or snoop.

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curmudgeon said...

Here all along I thought he had enough money he could hire someone to carry the shit for him.
The dumbass.