Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Its not right....but i understand.......

(CBS) NEW YORK A Burger King restaurant manager is being charged with shooting a teenage boy dead the two argued, and the boy spit in the manager's face. Police say 16-year-old Shaka Walcott and 45-year-old Ronald Johannes had been arguing for more than a week. Police say the teenager returned to the Bronx Burger King Saturday night and was shot several times in the chest by the manager. Witnesses say Johannes also was injured in the fight and he left the scene while the teenager writhed on the ground. Police say Walcott was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. They said Johannes was bleeding from gunshot wounds when he stumbled back to his home, where they arrested him. Johannes is charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. Customers at the Burger King, however, said Johannes was difficult to deal with and used to kick them out.

FALL RIVER It all started with tacos and a movie and allegedly ended up as a hospital trip and testing positive for drugs. It does sound strange, but one man says it happened to him. He claims the soft tacos he bought at a fast food chain contained some sort of drug.Phillip Daggett says he grew ill after eating a soft taco he ordered from a Taco Bell on Plymouth Ave. in Fall River over the weekend.Daggett says he began feeling very strange shortly after eating one of his tacos. He claims he suffered from stomach cramps and numbness in his mouth and lips. He says his symptoms were so intense; he was almost not able to speak properly.Daggett says he checked another taco he bought and noticed a strange white powder in the meat.Worried about the mysterious powder and his slurred speech, Daggett says he went to the hospital where he allegedly tested positive for opiates, a form of morphine.Taco Bell is currently investigating Daggett's claim.

ok, i used to be a manager of fast food restaurant in a past life and while i dont agree with killing a customer....i understand. not only was there many a time i wanted to kill a customer i then wanted to kill the staff too. i know, your going to say "the customer is always right shoes". no they arent. its funny but the customer is almost always wrong. its uncanny how wrong they can be. this kid kept coming back to the store. he was asking for trouble. i think you leave the manager there...nothing bad will ever happen again. everyone is going to be polite and nice inside that restaurant.....at least while hes working. of course killing a person cuts down on repeat business so the company might frown upon that.
as for the second story well i once had a kid who was catching flys and putting them on burgers. i caught him and fired him. he immediately went down the street to the mcdonalds where he was working within the hour. i called that manager and told him why i fired this little prick but he said help was hard to find and he would keep him. he lasted less than a month there. when his parents brought back his uniform they were pissed at me because i fired him. i sat them down and told them why he was fired and his dads response was "it doesnt matter. we just wanted him to work to develop some character". i sat there stunned that they werent pissed at the kid for messing with peoples food but alas they were not. i only hope his parents get shit on there food every time they go out. i try not to eat alot of fast food anymore.

well enjoy your tuesday everyone. go on, get back to work now.

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