Monday, November 27, 2006

What. no moat................

The NYPD has installed a patrol tower in a Harlem neighborhood in an effort to cut crime in the high-risk neighborhood. The two-story booth tower, called Sky Watch, gives the officer sitting inside a better vantage point from which to monitor the area. Officers in the booth have access to a spotlight, sensors, and four cameras. The tower is portable and can be moved to the areas that need it most. Residents in Harlem say they like the idea, though some wonder if the appearance of Sky Watch has anything to do with the two new luxury condos built on a nearby corner. "There was crime around here before and they never had it. Now all these expensive buildings, it's true,” said one area resident. “But actually it's good though, because then I used to see a lot of crowd here and sometimes I was scared to pass here, but guess what, that doesn't happen anymore. It’s a kind of deterrence and it's good." Police say the Harlem tower was placed there to combat a rise in murders. Sky Watch has also been tested in Crown Heights in Brooklyn where it reduced crime. Police are hoping to have three more towers soon.

it isnt enough. not there. when will the bitching about them putting it in a black neighborhood start. well of course if you want whites to buy the high end condos you must have something for them in the way of security. it would be a shame to buy an expensive condo and then not be able to find a cabbie to take you there. no cabbie in his right mind is taking a fare to harlem.

ok so i made it through the holiday and a wedding and i came out unscathed. people actually asked me what they have to do to get a mention in the blog. the wedding was a little more churchy than i like but it wasnt mine so that was ok. the word submissive was bantered about a little more than some women would have it but if the first impression of the groom is anything hes going to be the submissive one. saying "i do" was his last decision he will be making for a good while.

i hope everyone had a great holiday and got their share of the turkey...i know i did. no fights this year regardless of my brother in law doing his drunken best to start one.

well everyone i must work today. enjoy your monday.


BAC said...

Well I guess I made the blog indirectly. If I had only known starting a fight would have done it I could have started one. I thought my request for "I shall Be Released" for my funeral might have merited an honerable mention.

shoes said...

i still prefer ...the time they are a the song to go out on

Blade90 said...

I'd opt for REM's "It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)"

ccw said...

Don't people know by now that to get a mention on your blog you must do something beyond stupid, be hot and naked, or both.

Glad you had a good holiday!