Friday, November 10, 2006

Who says she cant get smarter..........

i must admit brittany looks good. she just lost about 150 lbs of useless fat. get it, kevin weighs about 150 and she lost about 150......ok you got it. the funniest part of all of this is that she told him with a text message.....while he was filming a segment for a music show in canada where he was telling them just how supportive she is of his work. i guess denial isnt just a river in egypt. in her defense he was just a useless, no talent parasite that was leaching off of her. rumors have it that he will go after custody of the kids so as to get more money from her. custody of the kids? she didnt trust him with keys to the house. he will come away from this with a hefty settlement which should keep him in dope and sneakers for a long time. meanwhile they cant sell tickets to his concerts and they cant even give them away either. his cd, playin with fire, open up this week on the charts at number 151 with sales of 6500 cds. holy shit, hulk hogans kid did better than that. well, so long kevin, your fifteen minutes are up. you were an expensive sperm more no less.

enjoy your friday everyone...i'm going to go do something to these pics of brit.

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curmudgeon said...

Yeah, and I heard he had 4hours worth of sex tape he was going to sell for $40-odd million if he didn't get possession of the kids. We'll see.