Saturday, June 25, 2005

The supreme court screwed us........

as i think about the supreme court ruling this week i cant help but think how the bill of rights has been trampled these last six years. i really dont want to come across as totally on the left because i'm sure the democrats have been sticking it up my ass and snapping it off but it just seems lately our rights have been taking it on the chin alot more often. this ruling on eminent domain is truly unbelievable. if your fight for a bearable life can be fought and lost in your backyard then what has this country gone wrong. i understand what they are saying when they defend this decision but the reality is that people with wealth and political clout will be able to land grab unlike anything we have seen the west was young. see you have your house and maybe it was passed down through your family and you've lived there all your life. been a good person...paid your taxes BUT the government where you lives decides that your property can pay more taxes if say.....a hotel were there.......then they can grab it. robin hood in reverse. take from the poor and give to the rich. the problem i run into is that as i talk to people about this they arent bothered because " it wont happen to me" or the ever popular " they can have my house". well lets look at both those statements.
1. it wont happen to me! i work in a very depressed part of pittsburgh (lets be honest this whole city is depressed) and one of my co-workers said they should do that to every house around here. ok thats fine but what if someone with more money than you decides they want your house because once they clean out all these old homes your area will look depressed and then they come after your property.which leads us to our next issue......
2. they can have my house! sure they can but there is no guarantee that they will give you what its worth. and maybe your old house was paid you'll have a mortgage because what they give you in a "depressed" area wont buy a home anywhere else.
starting to see the problem kids? this goes hand in hand with the patriot act , the war on drugs...etc. everything that erodes your rights just a little more. the bill of rights has stood for a couple of centuries now and we should leave it alone. those farmers really were much smarter than we give them credit for. no one wants to talk about these things until it affects them. the old i dont care about censorship , let the fcc go takes on a whole new meaning when your house id being taken. why should someone stand with you oer this injustice if you wont stand with them over theirs. if we dont all stand together soon there will be the super rich and the rest of us and it wont be far from china.

i hate to make you think on a saturday but............


x said...

Things are going very wrong all over the place and no one seems to be upset. I agree, once it starts it will continue. Power is more easily given than it is to revoke. We have already seen some of this in Downtown San Diego. Small businesses were forced out so the city could put allow hotels to come in. People who saved and put their hearts and souls into taking a chance on a dream are getting pushed right under. These same people are the ones who revitalized the entire downtown and now that it's worth something the city wants to decide how it's used. No matter that these people OWN these buildings and businesses. The city can just take them. The people are paid but it's never enough to reopen anywhere now that the revitalization they created has pushed the prices up. It's happening to entire city blocks here. FYI: The same thing also happens when the city needs to put in a new school. They force sales of homes and apartment buildings to get the land. Crazy.

ERL said...

this ruling is a piece of crap. personal property is just that - PERSONALLY OWNED. this ruling is scary shit.

As always... Rachael said...

Anyone thinking it won't happen to them is naive. I doubt anyone wants my property so they can expand their empire, but it could happen to anyone NOW. But guess who it won't happen to... we all know that answer.

What's the point in striving for the American ideal when it can crushed with a slam of the gavel, even though you've done nothing wrong. It's heartless, fucked-up, america hating shit. I hope a revolution is near. Mr, if you know of any sites I can hit to become more involved, even if on a small scale, please publish them.

Mephistopheles said...

absolutely agreed. I'm an Australian and it's still messing us up.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

This applies mainly to the less fortunate, and it is disgusting and sad....totally unfair. Anyway you look at it, IT IS WRONG!! When you own your property, no one should be able to take it. Our Supreme Court is playing God again!! It must stop.

gabsmash said...

off topic...we miss you shoes!!

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