Tuesday, June 21, 2005

And now its the first day of summer

you might recall the name cory williamson from a previous post here. he was the young man who molested two young girls last year BUT what really pushed him over the top was that he was caught screwing the neighbors dog. well it seems the charges have been upgraded due to the fact that the dog died. his bond hearing is next week and the neighbors are hoping his bond will be revoked. bill johnson , a neighbor of cory's, said that " as a community we shouldnt have to watch our kids every second they are playing. we want him out of the neighborhood". well bill heres some facts. first off i hope there was this same level of outrage when he molested the two girls. secondly , he will be protected by the law when he comes back. you cant chase him out. there has got to be a way for neighborhoods to protect themselves from these predators. i dont really care where they go live just go somewhere else. by the way cant we just hook this kid up to the lethal injection right now.

marcus wesson , the psycho who lead a large incestuous clan in california, was convicted of murdering nine of jis children. let me say again "NINE OF HIS CHILDREN". wesson could get the death penalty. that bears repeating also. COULD get the death penalty. what do you mean could. how many do you have to kill before we say we dont need this jackoff around anymore. the world really does have too many people and this guy wouldnt be missed. if they have a problem finding someone to pull the switch....call me. i have some free time. we need to fry this guy. its about time that we say this guy isnt worth rehabing and he needs to go.

i have also told you in a previous post about the doning street memos where our president is shown to be trying to pull the wool over our eyes regarding the war in iraq. now karl rove and the republican spin machine is trying to blow this over by saying its a forgery. this is typical of this administration. now they are running out picture of people in azerbijan (i didnt spell it right so dont bust my balls over it) with pictures of bush demonstrating against their government. mr bush , these people want freedom too....but alas they arent sitting on a shitload of oil so tough luck kids. we cant help you. i mean ...we'd like to....but.....theres no way to profit off of your country....and we already have one non profit war in afghanistan. now if you had oil we wouldnt even be having this talk....but you dont so run around with your signs but we cant help. you can only be free if you bring something to the table. why do you think we dont care about countries performing genocide and training terrorists in africa. thanks red states.

well have fun on this first day of summer. hope theres a.c. where you work


Grampapinhead said...

Couple of things you don't know !
Azerbaijan's number one export is oil. Azerbaijan's oil production declined through 1997 but has registered an increase every year since. Negotiation of production-sharing arrangements (PSAs) with foreign firms, which have thus far committed $60 billion to long-term oilfield development, should generate the funds needed to spur future industrial development. Oil production under the first of these PSAs, with the Azerbaijan International Operating Company, began in November 1997.

And we were there, but
Bubba and Valerie were in the white house

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Late night reading and found your site, I WILL agree with you on Frying these Bastards....actually I posted today about these predators among us. They should start lining them up one by one with no waiting list and a one-way ticket down under.