Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Its tuesday......what a joy

courtney love's pill box from 15 years ago is being sold on ebay. the small plastic container labeled with her name once held her vicodan. seems an old roommate who lived with courtney when she was a stripper is selling this (probably to buy more crack). you know this roommate has run out of really worthwhile shit to sell. is it any wonder kurt killed himself. heres hoping that daughter can get out soon and get as far away from her mother as she can. save your pennies kid your mom will be living with you in the future. by the way i'm sure courtney licked that thing clean before getting rid of it.

seems poor little kelly osborne is back in rehab. an anonymous source said she slipped back into some of her old problems and is not doing so well. she is currently residing at promises in malibu. shouldnt the osbornes have their own private wing there by now. kelly said she was high during the whole last season of the osbornes (as was anyone who watched that piece of shit) and when they cleaned her room they found something like 500 pills. anyone who has seen pictures of her lately would just assume shes in for her addiction to twinkies and bad makeup. theres a chick who could use heroin. why is that she and her brother are the only to junkies to gain weight. congrats ozzie...you and sharon sold your kids out to make a buck showing your disfunctional family. when do you think one of the osborne kids will kill somone.

in a story that has been pushed right under the rug is something called the downing street memo. seemd this document contains meeting minutes transcribed during the british prime ministers meeting on july 23rd, 2002 (a full 8 months before the invasion of iraq). the contents of the memo detail how our government did NOT believe iraq was a greater threat than other countries, how intelligence was fixed to sell this war to the american public, and that when our president said "war was a last resort" he knew it wasnt true. british officials do not dispute the document authenticityand a senior american official has desscribed it as "absolutely accurate". if this is true then everything said about this war being fought to help bush's oil buddies is true. our politcians are not looking out for us folks.....better learn that quick. this war is being fought over oil and the wheels of our war machine are greased with the blood of the poor soldiers that are sent over there without the proper equipment so that bush family friends can make huge profits. for more information please go to www.downingstreetmemo.com.

well kids summer showed up in the burg with a vengence and my a.c. at home isnt working. i'm going to go dip my balls in ice.

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madison's favorite son said...

today's gem- "theres a chick who could use heroin"