Monday, June 06, 2005

Happy monday everyone

it looks like summer has actually arrived in the burgh so lets get started

in tucson arizona a teenager was upset because his family was going to move. he went to a construction site and stole a 40 ton earth mover (a giant bulldozer). he was driving down streets knocking down utility poles when the police caught up with him. he led them on a 15 mile chase when they decided that was enough and shot him. the teen is in critical condition. GOOD. this little shit should have been shot. they should have shot him earlier. i'm sorry he was upset...wahh wahhh wahhhhh. get over it kid. people move everyday. most dont want to do it. they dont go ruining peoples lives. i hope these cops dont get into trouble.....they did the right thing.

along that same line the runaway bride will pay back $13,205.00 for leading authorities on a wild goose chase after she got cold feet. it should have been more. the city will write off another $30,000.00. shouldnt she have to pay it all. throw her skinny running ass in jail. teach some people a lesson. shes going to make some lucky guy very unhappy someday.

lyle simpson was out hiking with a group when a grizzly bear attacked. everyone ran except lyle who tripped and fell. bye bye lyle....NO. lyle used his martial arts training and beat the bear. now i know when your in a group you dont have to outrun the bear only the slowest guy in your group but how bad is lyle. what kind of belt do you get for beating up a bear. or more to the point....what kind of pussy was that bear. you think the other bears make fun of him. you know the next bear from that group that runs across a human is going to eat that one alive just to prove to the other bears hes no wimp.

and lastly in a story that is both funny, sad and scary all at the same bozeman (i think thats montana) a high school hired an abstinence speaker to speak to the seniors at a time of the year when they may need some advice (graduation, summer, prom...etc). tina marie holewinski (no lewinski jokes please) age 27 was invited. she spoke about not drinking and driving and other such things and then as superintendent mike redburn said "she went off message". seems tina told them that among other things condoms lead to cancer, birth control pills are only 20% effective, sexually transmitted diseases are spread through skin contact alone, video games lead to homicide and tthat teens can acheive a second virginity through abstinence. you wonder if tina actaully believes these things. who taught her this bullshit. one students parent want the school to bring in a rebuttal speaker to talk to the seniors. i hope this isnt needed. lets hope the seniors are smarter than we are giving them credit for.

turn your brains on kids. you'll need them.......most of us dont have government jobs


As always... Rachael said...

Tina, Tina, Tina... how does someone hang on to such much misinformation... and spread it around as fact without an eensy weensy bit of research? That IS scary. I would like to think that the average teenager could conclude that she is full of shit, but who knows... scary!

Grampapinhead said...

Quoted and linked this post.
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