Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hows your credit

lately people have been stealing credit card info like bush stealing an election. i guess its time to realize that these hackers, when given enough time, can get into anywhere. its time we all realize that your personal info is never really secure. this new age bank robbery takes no balls really. you dont have to have a gun or cunning or watch a place closely...all you have to do is sit in the privacy of your home and press some keys. i was on a site yesterday in the chat room and one guy was accused of calling another member at home. crank calling if you will. within minutes all this guys personal data was posted in the chat room. not just name and address but ss number, wife's and childrens names, wifes work phone number....etc. someone did a poor check and posted the next door neighbors number and the pissed off party passed it off as collateral damage. i wonder if he would still feel this way if that neighbor was standing there punching him in the face for posting his home address and phone number. the facelessness of the internet gives courage to alot of stupid, mean, cowardly people.

katie couric interviewed the runaway bride last night. all it did was make people realize just how insane this chick is. first off should you see the whites around someones eyes all the time? this chick always looks suprised. she said she was going to kill herself but reconsidered. dont do anything special on account of me. how about the boyfriend. he just sits there while she talks. hes just as crazy as she is. i dont know if i could sit there while she talks about how she fucked me over and made me look like a national fool. her pussy must be made of gold with a velvet lining. there is nothing wrong with that couple that two bullets wouldnt fix.

i never thought that they would find that 11 year old that was lost in nevada. anymore when i hear of a child missing i just assume its going to turn out poorly. then i find out a kid went missing there a year ago and was never found. i just assumed there is some maniac killing kids there. i cant imagine the pain and then the relief his parents must have felt. his parents said he had a poor sense of shit...really? who'd have guessed? the kid saw people on horseback searching for him but was too afraid to come out of the brush. it was really a miracle that this kid was found. finally one of these stories with a happy ending.

middel of the week folks. we are on the downhill side now


ccw said...

I too was surprised, but very happy that they found the missing boy.

That Runaway Bride scares me. She looks like she is in a constant state of freaking out.

Betty said...

The runaway bride will make alot of money off her little endevour. It's one of those get rich quick schemes.

x said...

I thought the same thing about that runaway bride chick. What is up with those eyes!? Crazy eyes. Loony bin eyes.

I can't believe that kid was found. Very lucky and very good news.

gabsmash said...

lmao libby...crazy loony bin eyes. can't imagine this creepy woman is making money of that whole thing. just terrible.

As always... Rachael said...

"like bush stole an election" I LOVE it! The reality of personal info being so easily accessible to someone geeky, bored, and mean enough to look for it is alarming. My online bank makes me define not one, but three cryptic passwords to access my account (i say cryptic because if their software identifies any part of the password as a clue to your b-day, kids name, ssn, or anything else - it gets kicked out.)

And the whole time I'm apprecaiting their diligence but thinking, wtf is the point? If someone wants to "get" me badly enough, they're gonna do it! What's sad is that people who don't even have computers and don't know what the fuck E-Bay is, are as much at risk as my net-surfing ass.

Mean people suck. And that's the direction the bullets should be fired...

These creeps obviously have software and hacking skills that allow them to play with others' lives. Why don't comparable tools exist for honest people who just want to defend themselves. Right to bear arms - cyber-style!