Monday, June 13, 2005

This post may be a little scattered

we had an odd weekend in the burgh. let me start with the fact that i could save this city and county thousands of dollars by cutting out a few unneeded things like.......... autopsies. we had a young miner killed in a cave in in western pa. and the news said they were awaiting an autopsy. WHY? what are you waiting to find out? here let me clue you in ....he died of rock poisoning. squash syndrome? i mean it was a cave in for christs sake....what did you think he died of? also, this last week we had the senior olympic games here. let me preface this by saying that the last seven days in pittsburgh had a temperature between 85 and 95 degrees and a humdity od say.....162%. no this 77 year old cyclist keeled over while riding his bike. again we are awaiting an autopsyon him. now in their defense the autopsy said he died of a broken neck after having a heart attack and crashing. i think the heart attack was going to get him anyway. these autopsies were unneeded. how much does an autopsy cost anyway? i've never typed the word "autopsy" this may times in my life. how odd is that?

the cost to the catholic church for letting pedophiles run loose and not doing a damn thing about it now tops one billion dollars (thats a 1 with 9 zeros behind it). the figure is guaranteed to rise by hundreds of millions of dollars. most of the problems have to do with the outdated rules the catholic church has and wont do anything about because of the old men who run that group. now when you see a church begging for money dont help them . let the stupid parishoners give them cash. the catholic church has more property than almost any group you know......and they dont pay taxes. my understanding is that the catholic church in the u.s. pulls in 500 million a week in the collection baskets. if they are in that much trouble let the vatican bail them out. the artwork the vatican has alone could cure hunger throughout the world. if people quit giving money to churches they would go away and the world would be better. once the cash cow dies organized religion will follow.

i know we went to war for any number of reasons. saddam was a ruthless man and we had to hel those poor iraqis, iraq was a hotbed of terrorism, the u.s. needs to be the world police force......etc. so someone answer me this. why arent we going into the sudan like we went after iraq. their leader is a despotic man who is performing genocide on a daily basis. they are a training ground for terrorists. the people there are suffering on a level none of us can even begin to comprehend. well? the answer is that the sudan doesnt sit over a large supply of oil. you have no get no help. its pretty simple. by the way the oil war in iraq is going downhill at an alarming rate (no matter what fox news tells you). its going to get much worse before it gets better.

well this should get your week off to a rousing start....have fun


ccw said...

The Catholic church infuriates me with their money and refusal to pay thier victims. In No. Ky where the largest settlement ($120 mill) was reached, the church says they only have $40 million and their insurance companies don't want to pay the rest. The diocese is suing the insurance companies for the money since 2 of the 3 contain clauses for sexual abuse. What a crock! How about trying to end the abuse instead of covering it up, rather than needing insurance riders for molestation?

madison's favorite son said...

there is a war going on?? fuck.

Betty said...

lol, the same is happening here in canada. The church is pleading for it's parishoners in Newfoundland to cover the payouts from sexual abuse cases.

As for the war...fuck that, I'm not getting my tounge wagging on that issue!! lol

shoes said...

the problem is the right wingers always have their tongues wagging. we need to stand up and say what is right

As always... Rachael said...

The church relocating priests so they can molest again is something I REALLY cannnot understand. Where's Donald Trump when you need him... You're Fired! The church is just another political old boys club who protect their own no matter what fucked up shit they pull. Thanks for getting me all riled up, Mr. Pissed!

shoes said... work here is done