Monday, June 20, 2005

It's the last day of spring

from a geophysical point of view it seems things are starting to heat up on the west coast. seems that on sunday california had another earthquake. now granted, i dont live there and i'm not used to the earth shaking like michael jacksons hands as he drives through boys town but i think i would be looking to move east. LIKE TODAY. how many time do all your knick knacks have to fall off of your shelves before living near the pacific seem like a bad idea. not to mention sunami's. i really dont want to go to sleep at night wearing a life vest. on the other hand could california being gone be that bad for the country. vegas would be a hell of alot closer to the shore now. hollywood would be gone but what has come out of there lately thats worth anything anyway. oh well, i guess i'll just stay in pittsburgh a little while longer.

why are most little league parents a bunch of assholes. i sit through my sons games just to watch and listen to them. no offense but those games arent worth watching. baseball is a tedious sport to watch at best (unless you love the game) and when its played by 9 and 10 year olds ....well, it only gets worse. why does every parent think a call against their child is a personal affront to them. hey, your kid struck out. its not the umpire's fault. maybe the reason is he didnt swing is because hes paralyzed with fear because your screaming at him from the bleachers. believe me i've witnessed this. our coach showed up for the last two innings and almost got thrown out for arguing with the umpire. what stellar role models for the kids. as i sit 50 yards from the dugout listening to every word of a conversation between one of the coaches and his son as he berates him loudly for striking out i realize how lucky i am that my father didnt act like that and why no matter what my son does i tell him i'm proud of him.

michael jacksons lawyer said last tuesday that the pop star is going to to be more careful from now on and NOT let children into his bed anymore because "it makes him vulnerable to false charges". that quote is from an interview with the ap. his lawyer is as warped as jacko is. maybe jacko should never have let kids into bed. maybe , just maybe, if kids are in your bed the charges arent false. what grown man wants to be around kids all the time. he should be trying to get laid like a normal guy. but dont make the mistake of thinking jacko's normal. that asshole is almost white now. he says he hasnt had any surgery but he doesnt look anything like that kids that sang with the jackson five (hell he doesnt look anything like the guy who made off the wall). he should be in jail right now. he's a pedophile and it just shows how the judicial system has been ruined in this society.

well, i've bitched its your turn


ccw said...

Sounds like Little League has the same parents that I see at my daughter's swim meets. Those parents should get over it already and realize that it is just a bunch of kids trying to have fun.

Yes, MJ is a perv. I'll certainly sleep better knowing that he will no longer sleep in the same bed with little boys. How could the attorney even say that with a straight face??

Tanya S. said...

The worst are Hockey parents. I'm from Canada, and our national sport is also our national obsession. We've had many cases where the parents have lashed out not only at their children, but at coaches and referees.

It is sad to see kids being taught this aggressive behaviour, and being taught that winning is all that matters.

halcyon67 said...

IF Michael Jackson was smart, IF he was, he would shut down Neverland. I wonder why it is called Neverland? It is because you will never be allowed to leave? Sorry for that sad attempt at humor.

The Earthquake situation...Eh, people probably live there because they think nothing will happen for at least 10 years and that they will have moved.

I agree with ccw. Some parents make such a big deal out of it. They are like those parents who push their kids into beauty pageants and run their kid from audition to audition when they know their kid blows at it anyways.

halcyon67 said...

Tanya, yea, those Hockey Player dads are something else.

Parents are too competitive. Of course, everyone wants to win, I don't think that there are people with the mentality who go in and want to lose.

Like ccw said, they are kids just trying to have fun.

x said...

Those parents who after screaming at their kid for not doing well will turn around and scream at the ump and call it unfair are the same ones who will build up so much rage in their kids that the kid will finally act out in violence and then the parents will turn and blame schools, music, video games, friends, whatever. It's never them who need to check their behavior. Jackasses.

MJ is so gonna sleep with more boys. Pedophiles have an extremely high recidivism rate when they are convicted and admit what they did. He's still in fantasy land. Jackass.

Here in San Diego I'm more worried about wildfires and the ridiculous cost of living than losing life or home to an earthquake. And I've seen way more destroyed property from tornados and floods while living in the midwest. I say bring it on! (not that I want anyone to get hurt) Well, actually our state government could fall into a sink hole and I'd be okay with it.

As always... Rachael said...

I don't think for one minute that Jack-o will conform to basic decency just because he has yet another close-call. If anything, he probably feels more invincible now more than ever. I'm sure he'll lay low for a awhile, sitting in his bed, all lonely and sad, looking at kiddie porn... but the urge will eventually overpower him. A brush with the law could not cure pedaphelia. As long as that fucker has testicles and freedom, any child who comes into contact with him is in danger.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Jacko is definitely a pedophile, and will repeat his disgusting behavior again and again. Let us hope he does not go as far as the others we see.... that starts out as offenders and turns into predators, then killers. He needs to be closely watched and in jail. The jury was idoits!! I am still pissed!