Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hump day.....get it

destiny's child is breaking up. they have been together since they were nine and touring since they were 14. in a statement they said "after alot of discussion and deep soul searching we realized that our current tour has given us the opportunity to leave destinys child on a high note united in our friendship........time to pursuepersonal goals, solo efforts.....etc". now leets see what that really means. this is beyonce's way of saying her time in the spotlight is running out and she only has a short time left to make a boatload of cash and she aint splittin it with those other two. solo efforts? you'll never hear of those other two again. frankly in a couple of years beyonce will only be a memory. she will be showing up on the surreal life or the real gilligans island. united in our friendship? i wonder how united the supremes are.

did anyone not se this coming. katie holmes is converting to scientology. l ron hubbard scores another celebrity. now understand that katie professes to still be a virgin and went to a religious school her whole life so technically they stole her from christianity. all this is great for scientology because she will probably give the a crapload of money but on the other hand she lowered the scientology's collective IQ.

in san angelo texas (again the state that brought you our president and a red state) a couple has been indicted on aggravated sexual assault charges after authorities alledged the man raped his 13 year old granddaughter then the granmother told the girl "she got what she deserves". what kind of sick fucks are these two. an examination shows signs of chronic physical and sexual abuse. you think this little girl ever watches grandmothers on tv baking for the kids and being so sweet and wonders why shes being punished. lock these tow sick bastards up and throw away the keys. in this case i would really go old school. sew the two of them into a bag with two bears and throw it in a lake.

not to be outdone by the catholics the baptists have their own pervert and soon i hope their own lawsuits. in rockville (in what i believe is virginia) a church deacon is under arrest for having little girls pose for pictures in compromising positions. in one incident gerald white took a 10 year old girl to the park and had her pose nude in the other case he had a 12 year old girl over to his home and asked her to wear a negligee. white met the girls through the central baptist church in derwood. folks if you must saddle your children with all the religious dogma then please dont hand them over to church people just because you think a good god fearing person can be trusted. as a matter of fact lets just assume that organized religion breeds these perverts and that nobody at your church should be trusted. in that case lets just not trust any organized religion. problem solved.

cmon folks , you need to work harder. our economy needs your help


ERL said...

wait - destiny's child is breaking up?! didnt they do that years ago?

shoes said...

i thought they did too. i guess beyonce didnt tell them that time

Blogbelle said...

Katie Holmes is actually quite bright. She just has droopy eyes, herpes all over her mouth, and is Tom's best shot at the Fertile Crescent of Childbirthing.