Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Geeks, freaks and the religious right

could there possibly be a funnier story than the two geeks who got burnt in england pretending to be jedi knights. seems these two einsteins filled flourescent lights with gasoline and lit them. nice light sabers jackass. they were in the hospital with burns over large portions of their bodies. i wonder who these two are going to sue. i think anyone who wears star wars outfits, sleeps outside theaters to be the first to see a movie, fill lights with gas....etc should have to be sterilized. do we really want these people filling the gene pool. in their defense they didnt get a complete dip in the pool to start with. you can also add star trek people to that list. if you have enough time to learn klingon then you shouldnt procreate.

the backstreet boys comeback tour got off to a rocky start. seems that on their lone european date in germany their bus ran over a fan named julia wagner 19. it seems that after they flew into germany they had trouble getting their bus through the airport crowd. at least nick and kevin went to visit her in the hospital. now therre are alot of odd things in this story. why would you start your comeback tour with only one european stop? why would you do that stop first? why did you need a tour bus when you flew in and had only one date? why was there a crowd for the back street boys anyway? well that last one can be explained . german think david hasselhoff is a great singer too. but the biggest question is who knew the back street boys still had a career?

the american family association is run by a man called donald e. wildmon. at first glance you would think this is a wonderful group......and you would be wrong. this idiot has tried to jam religious fundamentalism down peoples throats for years. hes gone after people like howard stern and anyone who doesnt say exactly what he likes. his group has aimed their useless little heads at ford. seems like those ignorant bastards at ford have decided to give benefits to same sex couples. you can see where this will lead to the downfall of america. congrats to ford....they havent buckled under. you know the afa loves wal-mart....a good all-american company. not only wouldnt wal-mart offer same sex benefits they wont offer them to anyone. as i have said before if you dont give money to these crackpots they would just go away. cmon america ....lets make donald wildmon get a real job.

its hump day and i feel like i've already been humped


gabsmash said...

shoes dont you *always* hump? I mean feel humped?

madison's favorite son said...

today's gem- "if you have enough time to learn klingon then you shouldnt procreate." thank you.

As always... Rachael said...

I can only comment on the 1st part... and assure that I wouldn't wish fire on anyone... even star wars geeks. Read my last two posts (they're long, but they describe how badly fire sux). I wouldn't even wish criminals be put to death by fire... (unless that criminal fucked with kids... maybe I could be persuaded!)

And same sex marriage? Can someone please explain why heteros care? This is something I do not get. Is there a slippery slope I'm not seeing?

vjack said...

That was a great post about trying to make homemade light sabres. What a couple of idiots!