Friday, June 24, 2005

Karl Rove ......spinmaster

sorry i didnt post yesterday........did you miss me?

karl rove is at it again. figuring that enough time has gone by since 9-11 he insinuated that the democrats (or liberals as karl likes to say) did not get behind the president. well...i remember. it was actually one of the only times in the last twenty years that democrats and republicans were on tv together. that terrible incident actually unified our country. well i guess its time for karl and the republican spin machine to polarize the nation a little more. cmon karl, you can do better. you hardly pandered to the religious right at all with this statement. i cant believe people listen to anything that comes out of that mans mouth. its time for this country to get together and start thinking. common sense needs to rule....not religious fear. the democrats and the republicans are all becoming jokes.

hey, after a brief hiatus god is back on tour. in miramar florida (another red state) jeff berman was getting ready to throw away a broken chip clip but lo and behold he spied an image of jesus in the broken clip. berman said hes not sure of what hes going to do with the broken chip clip but that an online auction will be considered.
along the same vein jeffrey rigo from pittsburgh pa (its so nice to see a hometown boy do well) sold a water stained piece of plaster from his bathroom wall to for $1999.00. it is said to hold the image of jesus which jeff noticed as he got out of the shower prompting him to cut out the piece of plaster and put it up for sale on ebay. now i must tell you do to my complete inability to hit the toilet with any regularity i had a good stain going behind my toilet. when i went to look at it a face was stareing back at me. god? jesus? actually it looks more like erik estrada. i wonder what that will get me on ebay?

and finally , as japan is catching some hell regarding its whaling a fast food chain there has rolled out its newest thing.....THE WHALEBURGER. the chain ,lucky pierrot, is serving a burgeer with minke whale meat and lettuce topped with mayo for 380 yen or $3.50 american. well as long as it doesnt have tuna i'm cool with that. its about time for an earthquake to wipe them off the map.

happy friday everyone....hope your weekend goes well


ccw said...

Erik Estrada! Love that, I doubt that would get much on e-Bay, but maybe there is some CHIPs loving nut that would be thrilled to have it.

My toaster makes Hello Kitty's face on the bread, do you think I could convince people that it is god in drag?

gabsmash said...

no kidding...erik estrada. where the hell did that come from! missed you shoes..xo

As always... Rachael said...

I've got to figure out how to cash in on the god appearing everywhere crap. If people are this anxious to be exploited, I want in. I find lots of faces in the woodwork around my house, from care bears and the guy from Scream, but no god yet... I'll keep looking.

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