Tuesday, November 09, 2004

TV.......can it get worse

well the answer to that is..........it sure can. of course you may think that it has sunk as far as it can go but thats the kind of talk that makes network exec's say "we'll show you". shows are now becoming franchises. law and order, law and order svu, law and order etc etc. get it. we are so close to the cutting edge of law and order, meter maid division. thats not the worst, at least that franchise has been around awhile. csi , on the other hand, has not. though that franchise has been around for a shorter time than some they more than made up for that by franchising very quickly. csi: las vegas, csi: miami and now csi: new york. are they really that much different. sure the scenery changes (palm trees in miami, casinos in vegas...etc) but the leads overact like they have come out of the same acting school. you are two years from csi: morgantown. actually that might be interesting. lets see them do their fuckin magic where everyone has the same dna.....now that would be impressive. how easy is it to get an id off of a bite pattern when no one in the area has a tooth. the shittiness doesnt end there. lets put some billionaires on tv and let them make rubes jump through hoops. trump , cuban and this guy that virgin airlines are attention whores....and we feed them. i can only hope there is a special room in hell for them. the real world hasnt been real for a long time. its so formulaic. lets put a group of good looking but otherwise uninteresting people ( lets see....3 chicks..1black,2 white and 4 guys..3whiteand 1 black. make one a frat boy the other a hick and the black guy and the other white guy are gay.....did i get it right) with no money and nothing in common in a house and watch them fight. the surreal world is just about the same only with uninteresting celebrities. how abberant is it that people want to watch flavor flav (whos career never was) fuck bridgette neilson (10 years after she hit the wall like a corvette that lost its brakes) while that chick who never was from american idol bitches about them. then theres fear factor. how many times can you see someone eat a kangaroos testicles or fellate a cat for money before you say enough. i wish someone would die each episode....then i might find it more interesting. the golden age of tv this aint. god save cable.

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