Saturday, November 20, 2004

Philly and fat chicks....the worlds a crazy place

Philly Stinks, LiterallyNov 19, 2004 9:30 am US/CentralPHILADELPHIA (AP) An olfactory offense sent officials sniffing for the source of a stench that wafted across Philadelphia. A mysterious invisible cloud carried an odor that left sour faces and perplexed officials in its wake Thursday. Emergency dispatchers began receiving the first of hundreds of 911 calls about the strong smell shortly past 2 p.m., first from the southern tip of South Philadelphia, then further north as the scent drifted on the wind. Transit officials, fearful of a gas leak, evacuated a subway line in South Philadelphia for about 45 minutes. Some people said it smelled like propane. Others said it smelled more like sulfur. Authorities collected air samples, phoned nearby refineries and checked the pressure of natural gas lines, trying to determine if there had been an industrial mishap. "We don't know what it is. But we've gathered enough samples to know that it's not toxic. It's just offensive," said mayoral spokeswoman Barbara Grant. A police spokesman said authorities were checking out theories that the odor came from dust released as a substance was transferred between two train cars, or that it may have originated at a refinery in Paulsboro, N.J.

no shit. philly smells? this is only a suprise if you have never been there. this city is the armpit of america. the sulfur scent makes sense with philly being so close to hell and all. typical philly ...blame new jersey.
Kirstie AlleyIt's been a rough few years for Kirstie Alley, 53, and not just because her career has been in a slump. On the episode of Oprah Winfrey's show that aired Nov. 12, Kirstie made a shocking revelation that she hasn't had sex in four and a half years, confessing, "I don't want to have fat sex!" About 10 months ago, Kirstie told Oprah she faced the fact that she had blown up: At last count her weight was about 260 pounds. Kirstie recalled stripping down and looking at herself in a mirror: "I have seen myself naked.... I couldn't believe it. And so I just was crushed." But while Kirstie may be admitting this, what the heavy-set, sexstarved actress isn't saying is that she's also been blowing up at everyone around her! Suffering the strains of weight gain and career pressure, sources say she's been yelling at crew members on the set of her upcoming Showtime TV show, Fat Actress, and has taken to loudly fighting about script changes and location decisions. Before production began in Los Angeles two months ago, Kirstie seemed perfectly comfortable with the show's premise. In Fat Actress, she plays a fictionalized version of herself, an actress coping with her weight. She joked to producers that they should get her wardrobe in three different sizes to match her weight fluctuations. But once shooting started, says a friend, that happy-go-lucky attitude disappeared faster than the on-set snacks. "Suddenly, Kirstie's ego kicked in; before this series she didn't seem to care about how she looked," the friend says. In fact, the actress was regularly seen walking around L.A. in frumpy clothes and uncombed hair, even eating pie at House of Pies. Now, the friend says, "she gets irritable so quickly, makeup has to rush in to dab the sweat off her face." A source says the chainsmoking, popsicle-sucking actress has flown off the handle at the show's cameramen, wardrobers, and makeup artists. The people she's always nice to are the celebs who visit the set as guest stars. Recently, on line in the cafeteria, Kirstie loudly berated an assistant after a pair of earrings Kirstie needed for an upcoming scene disappeared. "She flipped out," says the source. "The next day, four staff members were fired." Reps for Kirstie did not return Star's calls for comment.

thank god the star is here to give us all the breaking news we can handle. meet kirsty. she was once a hot chick with a promising career. then she ate her way out of it. instead of being hot it now looks like she ate two hot chicks. look kirsty, if you dont want to have fat sex then you aint havin no sex. hey , thank god she's breaking that stereotype about the jolly fat person though. nothing america llikes better than a surly , fat chick. fat and mean spirited......why that the girl for me.
Anna Nicole Keeps Diet Pill
SAVED: Former Playboy pinup Anna Nicole Smith is keeping her job as spokeswoman for the diet pill TrimSpa, despite rumors that she was fired for her slurring, stumbling presentation at Sunday night's American Music Awards. "Smith was a customer first," Alex Goen, TrimSpa founder and CEO, said in a statement. "TrimSpa wouldn't fire Anna or any of our customers." Though Smith appeared to be drunk while introducing Sunday night's performance by Kanye West, her lawyer later

ok, you really didnt need the rest of that story. shes blaming her mishap on poor eyesight. it could happen. i think she mistook 3 bottle of jack daniels for her trim spa. that fat pig was so gooned it was regoddamndiculous. its not bad enough that she still a little porky but she also waering a huge diamond necklace that spells out trimspa. she is really trailer trash.....but with huge boobies.
think about other news if it will help you sleep tonight. i ,or one, like to keep my eye on the kooks out there. i find it reassuring.

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