Monday, November 08, 2004

Go Steelers

pittsburgh is coming down from this last steelers game like a drunk after a bender. everything in this city that has a steeler logo on it is sold out. is there anything the nfl wont put a logo on. jerseys and hats are cool but the steeler suppositories arent a great idea (though i've never been more regular). all the smart pittsburghers are buying their super bowl tickets now and booking rooms. i, personally, am not ready to annoint them the greatest team ever.....but they are hot right now and thats fun to watch. they made t.o. shut up (which in and of itself is a small miracle) , and donovan mcnabb look confused. maybe his mom didnt show up with his campbells chunky soup. oh, and thanks to those fuckin choke artists in cleveland. you should have beat baltimore but no, you had to drop a ball right in your hands with under a minute to play. as you might have guessed from earlier posts.....i hate the baltimore ravens. they are the single most overrated team in the nfl. so after beating to teams that really deserved a beating its on to cleveland for the steelers. i hope their dog mask wearin, dog bone throwin unemployed fans are prepared for disappointment. as fucked up as pittsburgh can be its still better than cleveland.

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