Monday, November 29, 2004

I took the holiday off..........but look what happened

November 29, 2004 -- Penniless pornographer Al Goldstein has "screwed" up his life some more — after being caught shoplifting books from a Barnes & Nobles yesterday, police said.
And they weren't even dirty books.
Goldstein, 68, the ex-publisher of Screw Magazine, was stopped by security on his way out of the chain's Lincoln Center store at 1972 Broadway, with three books, a police source said.
They were health books "including at least one on colitis," the source said.
Goldstein was charged with petit larceny.
His life has been spiraling downward the last couple of years.
In March 2002, he was found guilty of harassing his former secretary by publishing her name in Screw.
He has recently been sleeping at the Bellevue homeless shelter after being fired from his job as a greeter at the Second Avenue Deli. His financial woes have been brought on in part by the bankruptcy of Milky Way Productions, the corporate entity that controlled Screw and his long-running cable show, "Midnight Blue."
In June, Goldstein was forced to sell his Pompano Beach, Fla., mansion.

al goldstein is and was always an asshole. cmon the guys the editor of a rag named "screw". its not even a good magazine. i have nothing against porn, hell i really like it, but this guy is a jerk . he probably did this for the publicity. screw you al.
Defense lawyer: Hunter killings a 'whydunit'
(CNN) -- The killings of six hunters last weekend in northwestern Wisconsin is more of a "whydunit" than a "whodunit," a lawyer for the suspect in those shootings said Sunday.
Chai Vang, a 36-year-old man from St. Paul, Minnesota, is accused of killing six people and wounding two others at a hunting ground in Sawyer County, Wisconsin.
Attorney Steven Kohn told reporters in Milwaukee that Vang's defense lawyers are looking at "potential mental health and mental responsibility defenses" in addition to a defense on the facts of the case.
Sawyer County Sheriff James Meier said the shootings were prompted by a dispute over a tree stand on private property on the first weekend of Wisconsin's deer-hunting season.
But Vang, a Laotian-born U.S. citizen, told investigators that he was subjected to ethnic slurs and was fired on first before he shot back, according to court papers released last week."This certainly does not seem to be a whodunit. It seems to be a whydunit," said Kohn, who also represented the man who killed serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer in 1994.
Vang faces an initial court appearance Tuesday in Hayward, Wisconsin, where he has been held on suspicion of murder and attempted murder since his arrest November 21. Bail has been set at $2.5 million, and Kohn said he expects formal charges to be filed Monday.
Vang's daughter, Kia Vang, said she has not spoken to her father since his arrest and was shocked by the allegations against him.
"I don't know what to say, but the truth will eventually come out either one way or another," she said.
Vang was a member of the Hmong minority in Laos. He came to the United States in 1980 and worked as a truck driver in St. Paul, which is home to the largest Hmong community in the United States. He is married and has six children.
Vang's only known brush with the law stemmed from a 2001 domestic dispute in which he allegedly waved a handgun at his wife. His wife declined to press charges in that incident, the sheriff's department said.
Those killed last week were residents of Barron County, Wisconsin, in the northwestern corner of the state, and local authorities said they were respected community members. But defense lawyer James Mentkowski said Vang was "as loved and respected in his community as are the other individuals who were involved in this incident."
"There are many questions in the Hmong community as to how an individual as respected and loved as Mr. Vang was -- as to how he found himself in a situation that caused him to respond in the way that he did," Mentkowski said. "The Hmong community is looking to the trial process to resolve these issues."
Tuesday's hearing is slated to be held in a basement of the sheriff's department headquarters, Kohn said. But he said he was not aware of any safety concerns or threats that might have prompted the hearing to be held there rather than in a courtroom.
Sawyer County deputies have been "nothing but professional and cooperative," he said.
"I think that in being professional, they are taking all safeguards that they possibly can, given the physical safeguards they have to deal with."

who didnt see this coming. we will probably never know the truth but it really isnt too far fetched to imagine some hunters being rude and calling names. they just happened to pick on the hmong rambo. this is really a shame. as expected everyone involved was a model citizen and deeply loved in the community. why is it that every time someone slips a cog the news runs to interview the neighbors and they always say that he was quiet, a wonderful person, always willing to lend a hand......etc. sorry vang , you shot six gotta fry.
-- Cell phones can be helpful when you get into a jam, but this beats all: A Manhattan wine store owner says his phone saved him from a deadly attack by a bear.
Terrence Bae was picnicking with his girlfriend in the woods in Delaware last spring when a huge, scary bear burst upon them.
In a panic, the 35-year-old asked his girlfriend what he should do and she said, "Play dead!"
Bae knew that wouldn't work, so, in desperation, he patted down his pockets for a weapon -- but all he had was a cell phone.
By accident, he hit a button on the side of the phone which triggered a mechanical beeping noise. It seemed to scare the bear, so Bae held his phone up towards the animal and hit the button repeatedly while screaming.
He says, "I thought I was gonna die."
Luckily, the bear ran off, and Bae lived to tell his unusual story, which is featured in a short film currently running on the Motorola website,

do you really think this is a good commercial for motorola. your phone makes noises so annoying it scares bears. i am going to try this method with beggars, salesmen, name it.
Fla. Man Electrocuted While Putting Up Christmas Lights
COOPER CITY, Fla. -- A man was electrocuted Saturday while putting up Christmas lights outside his house, officials said.
The man, who was not identified, was found on front lawn lying on top of top of an electrical cord connected to Christmas lights.
He was unresponsive when paramedics arrived, said Broward Sheriff's Fire Rescue Capt. Dave Erdman.
He later died at Memorial West Pembroke Hospital, sheriff's spokeswoman Liz Calzadilla told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
The lawn was wet from sprinklers that had been running during the day, Erdman said, but officials were still investigating the cause of the accident.
Cooper City is 10 miles west of Fort Lauderdale.

fa la la la la la la la la . tis the fuckin season.
'Santa' gunman dies in shootout
BERLIN, Germany (Reuters) -- An armed bankrobbery in Germany by two men dressed in Santa Claus outfits ended in a bloody gunfight in which one robber was shot dead and a police officer seriously wounded, authorities said on Friday.
The festively-attired robbers plundered thousands of euros from a bank in the western town of Ratingen late on Thursday, but ran into two plainclothes policemen during the getaway.
"We were told two armed Santas were in the process of robbing the bank and that they had managed to steal tens of thousands of euros," a police spokesman said.
"The assailants started shooting when the officers identified themselves, prompting fire to be returned," he said.
The surviving would-be Santa escaped, police said.

and in a related story.................
Three killed in crash with turkey truck
TAHLEQUAH, Okla. Three people from southeastern Illinois have died after their car collided with a tractor-trailer carrying 11-thousand pounds of frozen turkey in eastern Oklahoma.The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says Harold Wiseman, Joanne Wiseman and Mable Knackmus -- all of West Salem, Illinois -- were killed when their car failed to stop at a stop sign just after six p-m yesterday.
The car then ran under the semi's trailer and the truck in turn ran over the car.
The driver and passenger in the semi were not injured.
Leon Sparks -- the owner of the truck -- says it was hauling 11-thousand pounds of frozen turkeys. Sparks says the truck was headed west U-S 62 when the car hit behind truck's fuel tanks.

arent the holidays ironic. i'm sure the next month will be filled with these kind of stories.
Family fury over brothel bonuses BOSSES are rewarding their staff with sex sessions as Christmas bonuses.Queensland brothels gearing up for their busiest time of the year say they are anticipating a big rush from workers buoyed by the festive spirit and treating themselves to a celebratory romp.
A trip to the brothel has long been a favourite way for groups of workmates to mark the end of a long year.
Some employers show their gratitude to their workers by shouting them a brothel visit or paying for strip shows at job sites or in strip clubs.
The practice has outraged the Australian Families Association.

fuck the christmas ham........i'm gettin laid.
Canada has no stripper shortage
OTTAWA — Contrary to Immigration Department claims, there is no shortage of native-born exotic dancers in Canada, says a University of Toronto law professor who has studied the strip club business.
Audrey Macklin says the real reason strip clubs want foreign dancers is that they are desperate and will do things Canadian women consider too unsafe or demeaning.
"What in fact the demand is for these days is for women to lap dance, and not just lap dance but basically to be on some guy's lap naked while he gropes her and may masturbate under her and that sort of stuff,'' Macklin said in an interview Thursday.
"And there's also a shortage of women who are willing to work in so-called private booths where they do stripping, whatever they do in a private booth, just for one man.''

is this really news. canada's biggest export is round bacon and whores.

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