Friday, November 05, 2004

oh well....we get screwed for 4 more years

well as you can guess the election didnt go as i had planned. i'll get over it. the thought of moving to another country crossed my mind.........for about a second. this country, as fucked up as it is, is still a lot better than any other. i guess i'll stick around and try to make america better. the funny thing is is that i feel that anyone who gets in will screw the country and in doing so myself. i dont know if america would ever elect an honest man. i'm sure he would offend one of the special interest groups and then the news would play it up big and everyone would think he was a terrible man. this country is getting a little too narrow minded with all the special interest groups. one school , in oregon i think, cancelled there halloween celebration because it would be offensive to witches. WITCHES? you mean those things we tell kids arent real? ok , so a bunch of goth chicks get togrther for coffee and call themselves a coven. heres some news. you aint fuckin witches. you aint even cute in that weird way that some goth chicks are. turn my boss into a frog and then you'll have my attention. until then your just a bunch of disenfranchised kids. now if a politician said that the news would say he's insensitive to the plight of witches everywhere. oh fuck it, just vote for the one whos least crooked.

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