Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Steelers 9-1. now bring on the redskins.

How about my steelers. 9-1 and still going. ok the game sunday wasnt a masterpiece but that is exactly the kind of game championship teams win. new england has become a semi legend by winning those games. another crushing ground game controlled the clock and once the steelers took the lead the game was never in question. the defense should get a game ball for what they did in the second half. this is the kind of game the steelers would have lost last year. i dont see the redskins as being anything special. the steelers should come away from that 10-1. washington has an ok defense but absolutely no offense. 17 to 7 is a score i can see but if the stelers put up some big numbers (21 points in the first quarter) and washington is forced to pass then this could be a real blowout. lets climb onto the bus one more time and ride a little closer to the super bowl.

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Maybe So said...

odd. you don't sound very pissed.