Saturday, November 20, 2004

Steelers 8-1.........whos next?

the bengals are next thats who. alot of people are saying this is the game the steelers are going to lose. a trap game so to speak. i dont see it happening this week. let me explain the hard parts for you. first the bengals quaterback sucks. tie up his one reciever and its over. he will be sacked a minimum of four times. the last time we played them we were just get out chemistry together so dont count on a hundred yard rushing game from the bengals. on the other hand the bengals defense is ranked thirtieth (30th) against the run.i see the bus and veron haynes running through them and opening it up for big bens passing. ben doesnt need to throw 40 times a game. he doesnt need to throw for 300 yards a game. all he needs to do is connect on the timely pass and keep drives going. the steelers will continue to do what they have been doing ie: running . if you run the ball up a teams ass they have to get their hands dirty pulling it out. hold the ball 36 to 45 minutes and the bengals wont be able to score at all. get a lead and make palmer throw to beat you. i see the steelers as 9-1 getting close to wrapping up a playoff spot.

by the way pittsburgh is not a great sporrts town regardless of what you have been lead to believe. people are already pointing out faults of the steelers and waiting for the other shoe to drop. i think i'll stay on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride. it could be worse could live in cleveland.

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