Monday, November 15, 2004

Go steelers..........8-1

how about them steelers. actually the cleveland game was really a boring game to watch after the n.e and philly games. of course, its always good to watch the steelers beat the hell out of the brownies. antonio bryant said that he didnt think the steelers outplayed them. what game was he watching? the steelers held the ball 12 minutes longer than the brownies, forced 2 fumbles (recovering 1), intercepted 2 passes and out scored those jerkoffs. hey antonio, you got outplayed. typical of all browns teams they were alot of talk this week but no action on sunday.

on a related subject, joey porter should be fined his game check. i really like joey porter. i think his game has really picked up this year but he has to realize that this team could be special. getting in a fight before the game with a piece of shit like william green is unacceptable. the browns loved it...all they lost was a crappy running back. the steelers had to play without (arguably) an all-pro linebacker. joey , its time to grow up. that was disrespectful to your teammates and coaches. i dont care what happened before the game....suit up and settle it on the field. i'm sure you would have gotten a shot at green during the game. this aint crypts and bloods....this is football.

bring on the bungles

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