Friday, November 19, 2004

Mnf, t.o., abc and the crazy religious right

ok, i guess i have been forced to think about the opening to monday night football. first off let me say that we are talking about monday night football. this is where guys (and a few incredibly sexy , football crazy women) get together and watch men killing each other. its the twenty-first century version of the roman coliseum and gladiators. so nicolette sheridan dropped her towel. did we see her!. whats the big deal. what about the children? heres how you explain it. its tv.its not real . most kids see worse nudity on a brittany spears tape that the parents will gladly buy to keep the rugrats occupied. if you are offended then dont watch mnf anymore. i'm sure they will miss you. frankly , i'm sure the ratings will be great next week (even though abc will never show another like this again). the ratings for desperate housewives will probably go up too. oh and dont even throw in the race card. that isnt even a factor. the only people bothered by the black/white thing are religious southerners who still think race mixing is a sin. of course all those jerkoffs voted for bush. if anyone has a complaint its that nicolette sheridan had such shitty plasatic surgery. she looks like a guy. she probably scared some kids. real men know that you can just put a bag over her head. so with all that being said everyone just shut the fuck up. nobody will remember this in a year unless you nutjobs keep bringing it up. lets not turn america into nazi germany (regardless of what bush would like). oh and one last thing, mnf, the nfl, t.o., etc.........quit fuckin apologizing. you did nothing wrong.

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