Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend observations..............

the los angeles bomb squad blew up a newspaper box because when opened a noise came out of it. seems the l.a. times put these machines inside of the boxes to play the mission impossible theme. i assume this is hype for the movie. i cant believe someone called that in to the police. is this what the world has come to? cant you hype a shitty movie without getting a vending machine blown up? what kind of terrorist would put in a soundtrack for their bomb? believe me if a terrorist was going to boobytrap a newspaper machine he wouldnt give you a warning. you would never know what hit you. my only hope is that if a box is boobytrapped that it goes off while tom cruise is sitting on top of it.

i saw some clips of our president on tv while some impersonator was standing next to him .....impersonating him. dubya couldnt have looked more uncomfortable if he tried. the one line i heard was "why couldnt i have dinner with the thirty six percent of the people who like me". i cant believe its still 36%. whats wrong with america. he looked uncomfortable but then i realized there wasnt anyone there to explain the jokes to him. there he was furrowing his brow in a vain attempt to understand. please lets impeach him soon.

big get togethers for darfur over the weekend. its a shame whats happening there and that nobody really knows much about it. i actually blame those people for living where there isnt any oil. its a fact that if you expect america to help you out then you better hold your genocide over a shitload of oil. in reality, whats going on there is a tragedy that we cant comprehend. it will take generations to overcome this if we could stop it today. if you listen to john lennons song "imagine" it makes more and more sense every day.

alright its monday. get on the stick everyone.

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