Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Elections in allegheny county..........

ok, so today is primary election day. allegheny county had a big todo over new voting machines. the ones we used for years suddenly were not good enough anymore. taking a running leap into the mid nineties allegheny county got some computer voting machines. i think they were used. everybody was up in arms over this because there was nothing wrong with the old machines, the senior citizens dont like change , senior citizens dont like computers, they can be hacked....etc. if i spoke in generalizations about seniors and it offends you......too bad. well, suprise suprise, the machine wasnt working when i went to vote this morning and now i'm relegated to filling out a paper ballot. good thing we spent a bundle on the used machines.

i was given a list of democrats that were approved by the allegheny county democratic committee. of course most were running unopposed because in allegheny county once the democratic committee picks you there is no chance of debate or choice or anything else that is in the least democratic. anyways, i want the democrat for unites states senator to beat out rick santorum in november but there is a strong possibility that i will vote republican for governor. ed rendell has lined his pockets with harrahs money and we wont get a free casino in pittsburgh. dont get me wrong we will get a casino but it will take tax money. we were offered a free casino but apparently they didnt line the right pockets. i looked over the 2006 allegheny county democratic primary campaign committee. it reads like this

dan onorato - honorary co-chair
bob o'connor - honorary co-chair
jay costa - chair
twanda carlisle - vice chair

onorato is the county commisioner and o'connor is the mayor of pittsburgh. both are lining their pockets with harrahs money too. they wont come out and say that harrahs isnt the best plan because it doesnt give us a free casino. instead we get plan b which uses tax money. twanda carlisle is a city councilwoman. shes being looked into because even though the city is bankrupt shes given 30k to the guy who lives with her mother so he can do a report on the city. he copied other reports verbatim and turned that in as his report. these are the pieces of shit that allegheny county democrats count as their best. it pails though compared to the vice chair of the democratic county democratic committee. ben woods. hes spent time in jail and had to resign his job in city government and instead of letting him get on with his lifes work the democrats give him a cushy job. is it any wonder that this city and county are in such a bad way. its why my advice to any young people graduating from college is to get the hell out of pennsylvania. anywhere but this state.

happy election day. get out and vote.


BAC said...

I'm a senior and I wasn't offended about the computer remark, because it is basically true. Sounds like PGH. politics needs a housecleaning. No reformers on the ballot? How about you MR. P? You have as much BS as any politician I ever met.

shoes said...

first i would never get the democratic nod. second could you imagine me in politics. i would love to go on tv or get in the paper pointing out whats going on. what a hoot.

Blade90 said...

I just moved to the great state of PA last year. But, I live in York County just north of Baltimore. There are so many Marylanders here, I wouldn't be suprised if Maryland annexes that part of PA. Maybe parts of PA will get the hell out of PA?

shoes said...

i hope for you and your families sake it happens