Friday, May 05, 2006

And the karma wheel spins again.........

April 25, 2006 - A Sumter man was found in critical condition after officials say he tried to steal something from an electrical pole.
Barely conscious and trapped between transformers is where Sumter police found Wayne Odom.
His stepfather says a bad crack habit led to the serious injury. Marshall Knotts says, "He would do anything he could do to get it. He was so strung out."
Sunday night police say Odom climbed an electrical pole and was shocked. What was he trying to get his hands on, they think, was copper.
Odom has a long criminal past including burglary, grand larcency and drug charges. And now he could face punishment for stealing copper.
His stepfather says if Odom survives, the injury could be a good thing, "If this is not a wake up call, there's never going to be one... "
Odom is in critical condition at the Augusta Burn Center.

ok, can we all agree that crack is an evil mistress? how f'd up do you have to be to think that climbing the utility pole and stripping the transformer is a good idea? his long criminal past should include gross stupidity too. his stepfather said the injury could be a good thing? spoken like a true "stepfather". its not his kid so stepdaddy doesnt care a bit as long as the kid is out of the house. he was going to hook his testicles up to a light switch anyways...this just saved him the trouble. i think we have a new idea for the electric chair.

happy friday...actually happy cinco de mayo. lets get even with those pesky immigrants and not celebrate.

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