Friday, May 26, 2006

Fair and balanced........yeah right..................

Exxon-Backed Pundit Compares Gore To Nazi Propagandist
Sterling Burnett is a senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis, an organization that has received over $390,000 from ExxonMobil since 1998. This afternoon on Fox, Burnett compared watching Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, to watching a movie by Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels to learn about Nazi Germany
ExxonMobil doesn’t have a substantive answer to Gore’s movie, so it bankrolls people like Burnett to smear Gore personally.
Dutifully, Burnett recently wrote an editorial defending former Exxon CEO Lee Raymond’s lavish compensation (which amounted to $190,000 a day in 2005). He failed to mention his financial connection to the company.

That’s the problem. If I thought Al Gore’s movie was as you like to say, fair and balanced, I’d say, everyone should go see it. But why go see propaganda? You don’t go see Joseph Goebbels’ films to see the truth about Nazi Germany. You don’t go see Al Gore’s films to see the truth about global warming.

fox news, being an arm of the bush white house, has no where to go but here. they have to push the administrations agenda. i love how they compare him to goebbels. why wont someone compare me to goebbels? what do i have to do? who havent i offended? oh well, theres no use crying over it. i think we can put the myth of fair and balanced to rest now....right? wheres mythbusters when you need it? if you dont go to see al gores film to learn about global warming then where should we go? do i expect this administration (the ones who rolled back all the environmental laws that clinton put in, the ones who would love to drill in the arctic reserve...etc. etc) to give me the truth. something like 8 of the 10 hottest years ever recorded have happened in the last ten years. this is fact. tell us why. if it isnt global warming from all the fossil fuels then tell us what it is. when al gore tells it as he sees it they dont go after his facts the attack him personally. that shows you that he just might be hitting close to home. for you right wingers that think i'm going after republicans lets me state for the record that democrats havent had a sterling record on the environment (though no record is worse than that of bush sr. and dubya......ever). thats a fact too.

oh well, the weekend is here. hope you have nice weather wherever you roam. drink well, drive safe and bac, i'll see you saturday.

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