Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fox News radio host Tony Snow chosen as new White House press secretary. Job description largely unchanged........

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Fox News' Tony Snow is set to move from the anchor chair to the hot seat, agreeing to take on the role of White House press secretary amid slumping poll ratings for President Bush.
The appointment of Snow, who has formally accepted the job, will be announced Wednesday morning, according to three Republican sources familiar with Snow's discussions with the White House.
He will replace Scott McClellan, who announced last week he would step down from the post during a West Wing makeover by new White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten

apparently you see why fox never has a bad thing to say about this administration. it doesnt look good on their resume to the white house. i guess this just shows that fox news is just another arm of the bush white house. i guess scott mcclellan just ran out of lies or got dizzy from the spinning he had to do. this also proves that fox news is neither fair or balanced.

tuesday everyone....fight the doldrums.

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