Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The da vinci code blues...............

well the davinci code is really setting the world on fire. regardless of bad reviews it has the biggest opening since jenna jameson.......ok that was a bad joke......since the passion of the christ. now the catholics picketed theatres showing the da vinci code but i dont remember muslims or hindus or atheists picketing theatres showing the passion of the christ. actually i think the catholics helped this movie get such a big opening. you cant buy this kind of publicity.

hey maybe the church can go after someone new.........well, not new but different. madonna. she enters her concert on a cross and wears a crown of thorns. oh my! what will we do? in reality, does anyone really care? shes not shocking anymore. oh, maybe she was back in the know, before the internet. now if i want to be shocked i can look up a site that features a dog raping a nun while she wears a cheerleaders outfit and is covered in astroglide. besides, i thought madonna was so cutting edge. that crown of thorns is so 2000 years ago....really.

so with all that in mind i'm hoping to see the movie soon. everyone who i have spoken to who has seen it has said its very good. i liked the book so i cant imagine that i wont like the movie.

alright kids, its wednesday. the only thing thats keeping me going is that its a three day weekend.


BAC said...

The Jenna Jameson joke wasn't bad at all. Hope to see you this weekend.

Unionsbuerger said...

I’m Mathieu (God Gift), Son of Benedikt (God sended) Catholic Priest,
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shoes said...

wtf. really what does this mean. someone help me.