Monday, May 15, 2006

To the people of beaver county...........

your wake up call is here. heres your chance to show the lawmakers they cant steal from you. see heres the story (i'll leave it to wikipedia because its way more concise than i am).

On July 7, 2005, the General Assembly passed pay increases for state lawmakers, judges, and top executive-branch officials. The raise increased legislators' base pay from 16% to 34% depending on position. The vote took place in the early morning without public review or commentary and Governor Rendell quickly signed the bill.
Opposition sprung up almost immediately with several concerns:

Many residents viewed the raise as exorbitant, especially when taking into account the pension, transportation and other perks the officials already enjoy.
Some took exception to the closed nature of the vote; held in the early morning hours when very few people were watching.
Others took exception to the fact that most state employees were not included in the raise. The legislation only affected legislators, judges, and district attorneys.
The most contentious point of the raise is that part of the new law enabled legislators to receive their salary increase immediately as "unvouchered expenses". This was viewed by many as unconstitutional, although state courts have ruled similar legislation to be constitutional three previous times. According to Article II, Section 8 of the PA Constitution: "The members of the General Assembly shall receive such salary and mileage for regular and special sessions as shall be fixed by law, and no other compensation whatever, whether for service upon committee or otherwise. No member of either House shall during the term for which he may have been elected, receive any increase of salary, or mileage, under any law passed during such term."
The raise spawned several grass-roots movements, some geared toward voting out incumbents [2] and some seeking support for measures like reduction of the legislature, legal action or a Constitutional Convention. [3] [4].

The pay raise claimed its first victim on Election Day 2005 when Supreme Court Justice Russell Nigro was voted out of office becoming the first Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice to be denied retention. Justice Sandra Schultz Newman was retained, by a small margin compared to prior retention elections. Many observers complained that neither justice had taken an active part in the pay raise. However, critics noted that Chief Justice Ralph Cappy helped the legislature draft the bill and that prior Supreme Court decisions upheld practices such as unvouchered expenses.

On November 16, 2005, Governor Rendell signed a repeal of the pay raise after a near unanimous vote for repeal.

ok, thats the story. you would think that its all sewed up but alas, it isnt. some legislators took the money immediately. most returned it. mike veon did not. hes the majority whip in the pa house of representitives. he voted for the raise and was one of the few who voted not to rescind it (thats why it was a near unanimous vote). mike wont give the money back. he stole it. he doesnt care. his opponent does though and is making it an issue in this election. mike veon has spent over 500k in this primary election to keep his cushy job. his opponent is against voting in the middle of the night for a pay raise. he also wants to cut the number of legislators in the state.

ok beaver county, its time to stand up. time to show your not just pushovers for mike veon. sure hes powerful in the state but what has he really done for you. look around, are you living great. are new jobs coming to your area to make young people stay? are your taxes down? mike veon is a goddamn thief and should be in jail....not in the pa house of representitives.

if you plan on watching our president tonight make sure your wearing your asbestos underwear. this immigration hoopla is a smokescreen to take our eyes off of the war thats going badly in iraq. you'll get enough smoke blown up your ass tonight to make you feel like a chimney.

well,its monday. what else is there to say.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Mr. Paisley is working to unseat Mike Veon. Having worked with Mike in Harrisburg, I know that he is a jerk.

I can only guess that Mike needed a pay raise to maintain his lifestyle as an total sex addict. The number of women he has bedded are legend at the state Capitol.

Mike Veon's agenda to advance the situation of women in Pennsylvania is simply to advance women to his bed. He has no interest in interacting with female legislative staff, like myself, who weren't interested in being 'one of many'.

I know for a fact that Mike's affair with a married woman played a key role in the breakup of that marriage. And when the husband kicked his wife out, making her 'free' to date Mike Veon, our esteemed legislator simply moved on to the next woman.

As a single man, Mike is free to date whomever he pleases. But my opinion is that he spends so much time bedding the ladies that it's a wonder he gets any legislative work done.

shoes said...

thank you for the comment but please if you are going to say something like this you need to come with more than anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I thought the only way in a major democratic district to unseat that parasite asshole Veon would be in the primaries.

Bravo to Beaver County voters for shit canning that shameless pile of garbage.