Thursday, May 11, 2006

And like a good neighbor.......

state farm is there. yeah thats how their ads go. you gotta like that jingle dont you? even if it is a lie. actually state farm is like a neighbor. one who uses your lawn mower and keeps it, borrows money from you and never repays it then when you ask for help moving your furniture from your garage to around your pool hes too busy. oh sure he'll use your pool and come to the cookouts but he wont help you. in that respect state farm is just like a neighbor. seems the katrina victims are sueing state farm because instead of sending there disaster relief team that you see in commercials they just made a blanket statement that all katrina victims where the victims of a storm surge....not high wind. this was based on an engineering company that was hired by state farm to do the report. it doesnt seem like much but it allows state farm to weasel out of paying for homes because while high wind is a reason to pay out high water isnt. storm surge = good for state farm. high wind = bad for state farm. get it now. so those people who paid their premiums for years are just....hmmmm whats the phrase i'm looking for......oh yeah, just shit outa luck. if those people were smart they would just put it to state farm by not using them for anything insurance related....homeowners, business, renters, auto, life etc. hit them in the wallet and teach them a lesson. i hope state farm goes belly up over this because of some unbelievably large lawsuit. if you dont want to cover for water damage them dont insure homes near the water. its really that simple. if your willing to insure near water (and take the premiums) then you going to have to pay for water damage. seems only logical to me.

the weather here this weekend is going to hell so enjoy your thursday.

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