Friday, May 12, 2006

he didnt see that coming?............

Police say a self-proclaimed psychic charged with tax evasion is now accused of forcing his way into a motel and attacking his wife and a man she was staying with.
David Marius Guardino of Caryville had been allowed to remain free pending trial in federal court on the tax evasion charges.
Now a petition to revoke his pretrial freedom has been filed following the alleged April 27th incident with his wife.
Wendy Guardino alleges the psychic and two of his friends forced their way into a hotel room and attacked her.
Guardino is scheduled for a hearing in Anderson County General Sessions Court this week in connection with the burglary and domestic violence charges.

what kind of half assed psychic is this guy. there seems to be two kinds of psychics in the world right now. the ones who go on tv on january 1st and give out two thousand predictions hoping they may get lucky with one and the ones like this guy who just plain suck. wheres jean dixson when you need her. she parlayed nothing into a semi shitty career guessing at stuff. she was the enquirers main story for years. i guess while this guy was busy seeing into the future his wife was seeing someone else. just to prove how screwed up the judicial system is a psychic in california won a huge court settlement because she got a cat scan and said it cost her her psychic ability. why did she get the cat scan? she had to see that this would happen. i need to be on that jury.

alright its friday. i have to go now and see if the nsa is tapping my phones. how bored would that agent be.

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