Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fox news....liars? no shit...........

bill o'reilly reported that a young girl in kentucky got a scholarship from the aclu because she did not stand for the pledge of allegiance. i'm sure this fired up the right wing idiots who watch this show but alas.......its not true. the worst part is that bill knows its not real and he still reports it. Beth Wilson, who runs the Kentucky ACLU, dismissed O'Reilly's version as "a blatant lie." She should know. Her group nominated Shannon for the $4,000 award, which the Central High School honor student will use for expenses at Berea College, beginning next fall.
In naming Shannon one of nine national winners, the ACLU said she "was instrumental in starting a student ACLU chapter at her school and serves as its president. She and her fellow students have tackled a range of civil liberties issues, including the requirement to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, the confiscation of certain books and the right to form a Gay-Straight Alliance." Wilson said Shannon "is getting a scholarship for attempting to protect the rights of students, for starting an ACLU chapter and for taking a leading role in holding a youth rights leadership conference." She adds, "Whether Shannon stands for the pledge or not I don't even know, but she certainly stands for the right of students to make that decision for themselves." Shannon's father, Virgil Baldon, who works in TV production, said he wasn't surprised, "because I know what Fox's bent is," but he added that he's disappointed that "they would use a high school student, particularly my daughter, in this way." "She stands" for the pledge to the flag, her father insisted, adding, "I'm an Air Force veteran, and I stand."
What she and others have explored is whether teachers should make students stand, if they choose not to. That and other concerns were discussed at community-wide ACLU-sponsored student roundtables, which Shannon helped to organize. Recognized this week as a salutatorian at Central's senior honors ceremony, she also won an award for excellence in social studies and a medallion for a research paper from her law and government teacher. A National Honor Society member, she works on the yearbook. She was a debater during sophomore and junior years and a quick recall competitor during her junior and senior years.
She also works, and is mentored, 10 hours each week at the Phillips Parker Orberson & Moore law firm. She exemplifies the kind of hard work and personal responsibility that conservative talk-meisters usually applaud.

congratulations to bill. he tried to make a high school girl, a national honor society member, and make her look like a communist. this all just proves what a piece of shit bill o'reilly and fox news in geneeral really is. if this is where you get your news then shame on you. as i have said before....fair and balanced, my ass.

its thursday, i'm limping into the weekend. lets hope it gets here quick

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