Friday, May 19, 2006

Mothers day ? not here.............

Instead of a gift, flowers or even a card, two Jersey City teens gave their mom a beating on Mother's Day, according to Jersey City police.
The 14-and 15-year-old brothers were arrested for simple assault Sunday after sending their mother to the Jersey City Medical Center for treatment of cuts and bruises, Sgt. Edgar Martinez said.
The 31-year-old Van Horne Street mom said her sons attacked her about 11 a.m. because she refused to give them cash to buy expensive clothes, Martinez said.
"They didn't even say 'Happy Mother's Day' that morning," she said sadly.
"We were sitting there watching TV and they started asking me for $100 sneakers, jeans," she said inside her apartment yesterday. "When I said no, they started cursing me, telling me they hated me. Then they 'mushed' me into that wall."
The boys then punched and kicked her, chasing her and continuing the attack even after she fled into the hallway, she said. The beating stopped when a concerned neighbor called police and the boys fled.
Later that afternoon, they came back to the apartment and tried to kick down the apartment door. Police then arrived and arrested them, taking them to the Hudson County Youth House in Secaucus.
She said police offered to release the boys and return them to her custody, but she refused to take them in, saying she has to protect her 5-year-old son from them.
"I'm too scared for my baby," she said. "They're my kids, why did they hit me? I tried to buy them nice things, Nike, Timberlands, but I'm a single mother."
The mom said her oldest son, a freshman at Lincoln High School, punched her in the mouth a month ago and gave her a black eye after another argument over expensive clothing.

She said the father of all three boys is in prison for aggravated assault for beating her, as well as drug charges.
The teens are now staying with their father's sister, who said she hopes to take custody of them.
"They didn't punch her, they just pushed her," the aunt said. "She didn't give them anything. They didn't have their own TV, nice clothes."

wow, there is so much wrong in this story that not saying "happy mothers day" is the least of the problems.
1. shes 31 with a 15, 14 and 5 year olds. apparently her legs will not shut under any circumstances. she got knocked up at 16, squeezed out another at 17 and ten years later still hadnt wised up.
2. her two mean kids beat her up because she didnt give them money for expensive jeans and tennis shoes. i smell future welfare recipients who will then get mad at the government for not giving them enough.
3. she wouldnt take them back. this might be the first smart thing she has ever done in her entire life. i wouldnt take those little, kids back either.
4. the oldest one beat her up a month ago. wanna bet she didnt file a police report then. shes not as smart as i give her credit for in number 3.
5. dads in jail? who'd have guessed. i guess i can log this little fact into the "no shit" category. the scumbag doesnt fall far from the tree there now does it.
6. in what may be the worst thing of all the aunt backs the kids because they never got their own tv. well maybe if her low rent brother didnt get himself thrown in prison he could have given the mother some cash to get them some things but alas it seems its moms fault here. based on that theory i should have killed my dad.

this is a classic example of why birth control and abortions are a good thing. these kids will be in prison for hurting someone badly one day....mark my words. whos fault is it? well alot of people have their hands in that one. these lives can only end poorly.

well its friday. enjoy your weekend and i hope your next mothers day goes better than hers did.


BAC said...

What a pathetic family. Unfortunately it is not uncommom. The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

curmudgeon said...

The aunt's custody instead of juvenile hall? That's today's law enforecement.
With any luck they'll get shot robbing a liquor store before we have to make welfare payments to them.