Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bad xmas gifts, chapter 1.........

i got home yesterday to the sight of a harry and david catalog sticking out of my mailbox. i looked through it and i almost saved it for my wife when i realized that a harry and david gift box/basket might be the single worst gift ever given. now dont get me wrong they serve a purpose. those are the gifts you send to clients but if you send one of those to family your a piece of shit. that gift says "i didnt give one ounce of thought to your gift". how many pears can a human eat...even if they are good. hey if you want me to eat pears just send me the $100 you wasted....i'll buy my own pears. trust me on this...i'll get more than one basket of pears for that cash. as for everything else well, how many preservatives are in the cheese that can be sent without refrigeration through the mail? ever eat the sausage? thats the food they give convicts as a prank. oh, and please can you spare more than a thimble full of preserves. two little jars....i use that much on one slice of toast. what really blew me away was hams and turkeys.......for $54 to $90. a ten pound turkey for $70. hell, come to my house and i'll cook you a twenty pounder for $70. so please, for family, at least show a little effort. if you dont give a shit that much just give them the cash....they'll respect you more

along these same lines idiots like donald wildmon and jerry falwell are announcing a war on christmas (or xmas as the case may be). they say retailers arent using christ in xmas like they should. certain places are calling xmas trees holiday trees and that pisses off the religious right. they were going to sue the city of boston for calling their tree a holiday tree...a case they would have lost seeing you can call your tree whatever you desire but boston caved. so, with this in mind, i will refer to all xmas trees as holiday trees and i will use xmas exclusively. this is just a fundraising gimmick by the religious rightanyway.....but screw them.

go on with your day and as always..........happy holidays

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BAC said...

There is nothing wrong with using XMAS in place of Christmas. The Greek word for Christ is Xristos. The Greeks began using the intial X in lieu of Christ. The uneducated think it is a sign of disrespect. Of course, the uneducated would send a Harry & David basket to their Uncle Joe instead of a nice Steeler sweatshirt.