Monday, November 07, 2005

in a story that both shocks and excites me two carolina panther cheerleaders were arrested in tampa on early sunday morning. they had a little run in at a bar with another woman. a fight ensued, punches were thrown and then the police showed up. the reason for the fight is whats so hot. witnesses say that angela keathley and renee thomas were engaged in some kind of sexual activity inside a bathroom stall at banana joe's around 2:20am. naturally the line backed up and another woman complained. untimately thomas punched the woman in the face. should they be allowed to cheer again.....hell yeah! now i want to tune into the game just to see them. that is so completely hot its scary. to see these two you can go to and see these tow hot chicks. its better than hearing about a linebacker beating up his prgnant wife after a loss isnt it?

in newark new jersey a roman catholic high school has ordered its students to remove their blogs under threat of suspension. the diocese says its because of the threat of cyberpredators. why are they worried? they're teaching the good christian kids to saty away from that kind of thing , right? the reality is they dont want any free thinkers in that group. i think all the kids should start blogs immediately. this is my problem with organized religion. they want to control what you do in your outside life. we all laugh at katie holmes because the scientologists are taking over her life......whats so different here? nothing. god forbid a kid blog about a priest taking advantage of a underaged youth.

well kids enjoy your monday. i'm going to look at cheerleaders.


ccw said...

I like that - the church is trying to protect kids by banning blogs? Shouldn't they be more concerned about the priests touching the kids?

The fight story is funny. Sorry, nothing hot in it for me, but what an embarassing way to be arrested.

shoes said...

hey from now on just tell me it excites you...even if it doesnt. the thought of it exciting you is enough to excite guys. we are very simple creatures

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

I would have been complaining about the line only if the stall door was closed and I was unable to watch. Folks are just to damn uptight.