Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Halloween funnies............

in frederica delaware a woman hanged herself. the 42 year old woman used rope to hang herself along a fairly busy street across from some moderately priced homes. she hung herself about 15 feet off of the ground so she was clearly visible to passing cars and the homes. ok, so your asking "whats the funny part?". well the funny part is that she hung there for hours because everyone thought it was a holiday prank or a halloween decoration. what a lousy way to shuffle off to the afterlife. this REALLY wasnt her day. they should have left her up till after know how expensive those decorations can be.

in the u.k. a man who was living with a woman and her daughter set up the childs room to scare her into having sex with him. seems he set her room up with fishing line to look like they had a poltergeist and the only way should could protect her family was to have sex with him. it really picked up after her mom went into the hospital. this guy had the room rigged with holes in the wall so he could move furniture while she was in there and fishing line to work the keyboard on her piano. actually the guy seems kind of handy and its obvious that the girl is no rockety scientist. hey wrote stuff with lip gloss on her mirror and then pretended that he couldnt see it. my 8 year old wouldnt fall for that.

in rome italy some boys were trick or treating and setting off firecrackers. they scared a 70 year old man and then decided to wait for the candy. sure he answered the door and then shot them. way to scare people guys. nice job. maybe you ought to rethink the mask thing next year. or the firecracker thing. or the sticking around for candy after you terrified an old person thing. any of those will work.

good times...good times. enjoy your day kids

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