Monday, November 21, 2005

The bandwagon seems to be emptying.......

has dubya's luck run out. seems like alot of republicans are distancing themselves from our president....and with good reason. his numbers are going down faster than richard simmons in boystown and with karl rove trying to cover his own ass there doesnt seem to be anyone to spin this their way. they cant make congressman murtha look like a communist sympathizer. i blame it all on the iraqis. why cant they just enjoy being ruled by us? this attitude didnt work as far back as the crusades and it wont work now. we cant stop them from car bombing. now before you go and say i dont support the troops just kiss my ass. i support the troops but when something is unwinnable well.......... hey the russians got beat in afghanistan, and they played dirty. how do we expect to play clean and win here? we cant. and we are sacrificing our young men and women for what? we arent stopping terrorism. we havent found any weapons of mass destruction. the world isnt any safer. texas oil men said they needed more oil and they were shut out of the mideast. how do we get texas oil's foot in the door there....take over a country. dont tell me that we went in because they were the biggest threat.....they werent. north korea is a huge threat. iran is a huge threat. sudan is a huge threat. china is becoming a huge threat. what do those countries have in common? they arent perched over top of a huge oil reserve. i think the politcians are beginning to see that the tide is turning in this country and support for bush is dropping as it is with alot of republicans. hey iraq, i hope your army is ready soon because ready or not..................

welcome to monday everyone...its a short week.


BEAST said...

I have written so much about Dubya that I ceased to find them interesting.

He's broken just about every law in the US Constitution and the UN.

Let's just hope that the next President isn't going to be a Republican.

BEAST said...

Thanks for the heads up.

I have another dialogue, "Dialogue between ET and the US president". Its about Bush being interrogated by ETs. Funny read. Its one the main page on my blog.

Viva Revolution!
The Beast