Monday, November 28, 2005

Black friday..................

black friday came and went. i gave some thought to it and realized that i could care less. every year its the same thing people getting up at the crack of dawn (unless they are sleeping out there), fighting to get a parking space, waiting in line and fighting over a limited number of this years special toy. who, in their right mind, would subject themselves to that. the only ones worse are the douche bags that shop on thankgiving day. what kind of asshole would shop on thankgiving day. stores shouldnt be allowed to be open on that day. thats a day for people to be home with their families. you know that while the minimum wage crowd is working the owners are home with their families. if people didnt shop on that day the stores wouldnt open. anyway , back to what i started with. black friday is the single most insane day ever. i do most of my shopping online so i dont have to be near the asswipes that like to fight for a bargain. nothing i like more than being blindsided by a 400 pound woman so that she can get the last cabbage patch doll/care bear/xbox or what ever the companies decide they wont make enough of but advertise like mad so your kids are in a frenzy for. please dont say that they dont do that. every year there seems to be one item that everyone wants but there is never enough of. the news will broadcast live at 11:00 pm on thankgiving night showing the line waiting in icy cold to get a shot at that toy. they will interview the store manager who will announce that they only have a limited number of these (please only one per customer) and dont know when the next shipment will be (but assuredly it will be after christmas). if you want to see a news director ejaculate in to his bvd's then let there be a window broken, a fight or better yet a small riot. not only does this go to the top of the news cast but it might make national. hell, i just came. so if you, for some perverse reason, must go out on black friday i hope your head gets stepped on.

great, back to work monday.

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