Monday, November 14, 2005

Going too far..............

ok, i'm reading through the paper this morning and i glance across the opinion page. i'm not always a huge fan of the opinion page because whos opinion is more important than mine. all the paper should print are columns of my opinions. the world would straighten up real quick. regardless of that one letter caught my eye. someone named terry (man/woman?) was bitching about things that bother him/her. see we are slowly ending smoking in public places here in the burg. i'm an ex-smoker but i am totally against this policy. if you dont like smoking in the bar then find a bar that is non-smoking. dont screw up everyone elses good times because you have sensitive lungs. now terry wants to go a step farther. he/she thinks that alcohol should be banned too. people get drunk and then drive endangering him/her. actually they endanger all of us but thats not everyones problem. there are many more responsible drinkers in the world but terry thinks we all should suffer because of the few without any control. terry also thinks that perfume/aftershave should be banned too. some people are alergic. screw them ....stay home. the only reason i sit with some people is because they smell good. why should the many suffer because of the few. heres my view of terry. lets say its a man. hes mid 40's, lives at home with the parents, has never had a girlfriend much less sex, is pissed off at everything because of the supposed slights that have held him back, terry cant control his raging alcoholism and wants everyone to stop because of it, his hatred of perfume goes back to all the women who have turned him down. now lets say terry is a woman. shes early 40's, lives alone, bitter with men and alcohol and perfume because the few times shes had sex was in the back seat of her car after drinking heavily in a bar.....and the guy never talked to her again. terry's overweight and has no need for perfume because the only time a guy would look at her is if hes drunk off his ass (hence the hatred for alcohol). ok its over the top but i'll bet i'm not too far off. arent enough of our rights going away. please let us smell good and drink a little. its really only hurting terry.

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Bunny ~N~ Early said...

They have already started that fragrance free environment crap in some areas of Idaho.
Terry would love it there, lots of large smelly woman. A free for all for Terry.