Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving week insanity..............

fron the museum of the hard to believe comes the story of an artist from new york who moved there from argentina. shes a designer and she designed a high top sneaker that was introduced at insite, an art exhibition in san diego. these shoes sell in the boutiques there for $215. the artist though will give them away to migrants for free. it seems like a nice idea BUT theres always the underlying bullshit. these arent ordinary SNEAKERS. these little numbers have a compass and flashlight dangling from one shoelace, a pocket in the tongue for money and a map of the u.s/mexico border printed on the removable insole. a whole new meaning to sneakers. i read a couple of blogs that called for her to be thrown out of this country but try and remember the constitution kids. free speech and all that stuff. i know with dubya in office we have all seemed to forget that we have unalienable rights......but we do and so does this woman who is a citizen and makes it a point to tell everyone that she came here legally. i do think that anyone we catch swimming over with those shoes on should have them confiscated and sent home barefoot (where they would fit in with everyone else in mexico). i actually give this woman credit for selling what might be the ugliest shoes in history for $215. a true entrepreneur........the american dream come true.

soon this short work week will be over........then the relatives show up.

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And what's wrong with the relatives?