Thursday, December 01, 2005

When you crossed the line to creepy...........

everyone knows of someone who has just passed over that line. your not cute or caring your just plain creepy. now all of tom cruise's friends know that person. he has just gotten so f'd up this year its scary. he's jumping on couches, impregnating girls he just met, preaching that goofy scientology shit and now hes bought a sonogram machine to keep an eye on the fetus. for what? is he making sure the kid isnt reading anything on the scientology banned book list? anyone whos actually seen a sonogram knows those are unreadable. i have four kids and i've seen my share of those and i still cant make heads or tails of them. is that a testicle or an eye? who the hell knows. i'm convinced that the nurses explaining them to you are just guessing too. those machines run between 150 and 200k. thats alot of scratch to pay for a machine that makes pictures as clear as a rorschak. with all that said i cant even explain how f'd up she is. katy is just as kooky as he is.....maybe more. he found the perfect woman for him. he can just bully her into doing whatever crazy thing he wants...and nobody tells tom cruise no. no matter how wacky his ideas are everyone just nods their heads and tells him how smart he is. this guy didnt even graduate from high school

someone who passed that creepy line years ago has made the news again. seems your friend and mine, michael jackson, might not be the actual father of those two kids hes mean...hauling around. seems the organ donor who he used as a surrogate mother says the man juice came randomly from a sperm bank. no shit! those kids are white....hes not. no amount of bleach will make him look white. he actually looks like an alien who makeup was done by a funeral home. i think we need to confirm this with a dna test and immediately take the kids from his ignorant molesting ass. who would dangle his own kid from a balcony? he would. it isnt his kid. hell , the only way his sperm would get into a surrogate is if the surrogate was a 9 year old boy. please someone free those children.

its beginning to look alot like.........oh , screw it.

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