Thursday, December 22, 2005

My last work day before xmas.................

i really dont feel like doing anything today. hell, i didnt feel like typing this post. i'm lazy like that. i think i will start drinking after its completion.

in my efforts to not do anything that requires even the least amount of energy....heres todays post. if you are not familiar with you should be. its a great site from which i sometimes (read always) steal some material for this blog from. . he finds bizarre stories from around the globe and reports them. what makes it for me is his little comments regarding each story. if you are a complete smartass (such as myself) you will appreciate these gems.....

Senate blocks arctic drilling in Alaska several years after Hillary Clinton blocked it in the Lincoln Bedroom

Japanese whalers, Greenpeace, currently locked in standoff in remote Southern Ocean. Fortunately one of them thought to bring harpoons

Hundreds of human footprints dating back to the Ice Age found in the Outback, all of whom called ahead for seating

Double-mouthed trout pulled from lake. Four-assed monkey, three-eyed fish still on the loose

Bizarre five-pound chunk of ice falls from the sky in Japan. Bespectacled onlookers take lots of pictures. (maybe my personal favorite)

Study on liberal bias in the media accused of bias. Groups accusing bias study of bias accused of bias

Iran expecting first cloned sheep; international watchdogs look forward to herding it

Judge rules ACLU is "tiresome" and "does not represent a reasonable person" in Kentucky Ten Commandments case

Dick Cheney, a man clearly in touch with the people and not blinded by power and greed, insists that Americans don't mind being spied on by their own government

these are just a small sampling of the gems you can find there. i am off from work until the new year so i may or may not be posting. in case i dont post anymore this year let me wish everyone (including the douche know who you are) a very happy holiday season and a wild new year. everyone be careful. i cant afford to lose any of the six people that visit this pathetic site.


As always... Rachael said...

Hope you'reenjoying yourtime off. Get your drink on and be merry!

jodifosterturkeybaster said...

I hate to admit that I'm not 'in the know' but I found your information fascinating.

'UPDATE' Four assed monkey was spottedmthis morning bumming change from customers at a Detroit movie theater. Authorities believe the monkey was high on coke at the time and chose, for their own protection, not to engage in persuit. -The Associated Press

Lady K said...

BRILLIANT! You've definitely got me intrigued...

Danny said...

are you posting anytime soon or what?