Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas fears.............

ok, so we all dont live in totally disfunctional families.....but most do. a friend of mine catches the brunt of a fair amount of my jokes, so here goes another. we can just refer to this as al's homemade eggnog recipe

1. open bourbon
2. drink bourbon while assembling ingredients
3. realize that you are out of bourbon
4. run to the state store
5. buy two gallons of bourbon and one pint (thats for the ride home)
6. while drinking bourbon try to find punch bowl
7. failing to find punch bowl get the biggest mixing bowl he can find, have some more bourbon
8. after mixing nutmeg, vanilla, sugar and milk proceed to crack eggs open and pour egg white and yolk into the disposal and then mix shells into other ingredients
9. argue with wife
10. pass out
11. wife throws out everything he's done and makes egg nog

i think if you just follow these 11 eaasy steps you'll see that eggnog is a very easy drink to make.

i started my shopping on saturday but my wife and i have alot to do this week and no time to do it. i might be that asshole whos out on xmas eve. do you think a ten year old will get a thrill out of a gift certificate.

we are havin fun now kids......

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ccw said...


My grandmother informed me that she thought I might be an alien during our Christmas celebration, but I guess that is better than Thanksgiving when she cancelled at the last minute for feeling old.