Thursday, December 15, 2005

The deaf can have sex?..........

hot off the press from the hearing loss news and reviews is the story of katherine chavez . shes a deaf student at roger revelle college. residential security officers were called to her dorm room when odd noises were heard coming from it. seems she was in the throes of sexual extasty and the sounds coming from the two of them were described by witnesses as cacophonous. the first officer to the scene was frank zipelli. he reported that he "could hear those two all the way from the parking lot. it sounded like they were bludgeoning a cow. there would be a low moan, like a moo, and then a bang and then a higher pitched moo. it was like MOO...BANG...MOOO. all her suite-mates were gatheres around her door, afraid to go in". way to describe it frank. i'm sure this young lady is now on suicide watch. is it any wonder they dont lets beat cops talk. her friends were only slightly kinder. said jamie valencia "we banged on the door for 15 minutes straight. the sound wouldnt stop. they kept getting louder until the floor was shaking. i had a midterm in the morning, i haad to sleep". added julie klein "we thought she had broken a leg or something. the moans and thumping sounded like she kept hitting the wall, but her boyfriend was there too. i thought he might be beating her, but i was afraid to intervene. now i'm torn. am i to be proud that i never did that to a woman or should i be ashamed that i have never made a woman moo like a cow?

it was also on the news that a man waiting 500 lbs was arrested for ripping off fast food establishments. he would order food and then go back and say that there was a hair in (or something wrong ) with his food..and get his money back. after giving this item some thought all i could think of was many times did he do that? for the love of god, he was 500 lbs. maybe he should have been ripping fitness equipment stores or gyms. what a great disguise too. there was a man who pleaded guilty of molesting an underage girl because she could describe his third testicle. third testicle? heres a bit of advice to burgeoning criminals out there. dont commit a crime if you have red hair, weigh 500 lbs or have a third testicle. they are going to remember you. trust me on that one.

one week to xmas eve kids. get shopping the economy needs you.

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Blade90 said...

That reminds me watching "America's most wanted" and every wanted person has a tattoo. If you choose a life of crime, stay piercings and tattoo free.