Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lionel is back (not the train)............

you may remember lionel tate......then again you may not. tate was convicted of killing someone when he was 13. the youngest person to be convicted for life. he was 12 when he murdered tiffany eunick who was 6. his lawyers argued that he was just doing some wrestling moves he saw on tv but experts said she died of a fractured skull and a lacreated liver suffered in a beating that went on from 1 to 5 minutes. on appeal his conviction was overturned after they found he didnt know what he was pleading to. he was then sentenced to time served and 10 years of probation. well lionel held up a pizza delivery man with a gun this summer.....proving that the original jury was right on this one. his trial was to begim yeaterday but was postponed because he sent the judge a note threatening suicide. he was placed under "watch" in the county jail. he faces six charges of probation violation. the judge could sentence him to anything from life in prison to no prison time. i hope , if he gets out, that he moves in next door to the judge. seems fair to me. this kid is a proven killer and now a robber. what are we waiting for. put him down like a rabid dog. i know its xmas time so i did send him a xmas package including a belt, some shoelaces, a length of rope, some razor blades and some cyanide. i'm hoping he will do the right thing.

heres hoping lionel spends every xmas behind bars....or worse.


ccw said...

It's a sad story because nobody wants to believe that a child can be truly evil, but this kid is certainly that.

I, too, hope that he is locked away and never released.

As always... Rachael said...

Ever wonder if maybe he became what he was told he was. God knows what a kid of that age is exposed to in prison - even juvie-prison.

I'm normally a tough cookie about crime issues, but when it comes to kids of this age, life behind bars doesn't seem okay at all.

We'd put him on stand as a "minor" if he screwed a teacher.