Friday, December 09, 2005

Loose notes............

this is my 200th post. another milestone passed. what a fitting tribute to my creative longevity and the fact that i dont give a rats ass who reads this blog.

dubya is catching some shit from the religious right because his xmas cards didnt mention christ. they said happy holidays. dubya should go see king kong. theres a lesson there for him. when you cater to a wild beast (the religious right) they remain wild and no matter what you do for them they will come back and bite you. it never seems to be enough for them. you've given the religious right everything they've catered to them, put justices they like on the supreme court...etc and they still come back and badmouth you. there is no give for those people. no live and let live. its their way or the highway. i couldnt be happier that the republicans are getting some crap for this.......they earned it.

i find it hard to believe that its the twenty fifth anniversary of the murder of john lennon. its a shame that a man that campaigned for peace died in such a tragic way. mark chapman should not still be sitting in prison when a perfectly good electric chair is available somewhere. cant find someone to throw the switch? call me. i have some free time.

heres another good rule for life. if an air marshall tells you to stop and lay it. the guy in florida deserved to get shot. i know, a bunch of people will be up in arms and second guess the decision to shoot. i wont be one of them. when you announce you have a bomb and then reach into your backpack....oh well. if you are bothered by the shooting then just imagine that you were standing near him when he reached into the backpack and you didnt know he had a bomb. or imagine your children or grandchildren standing there. see? confusion all gone. now the decision doesnt seem like such a bad thing afterall. i'm glad there were air marshalls there. finally something to do with airport security seemed to work. we thinned the herd...and thats not such a bad thing.

mother nature dropped 6 big ones on the burg last night so i must go shovel.

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Grampapinhead said...

Not onl did he campaign for peace, he also campaigned against the death penalty. Ironic eh.